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Sunday, 13 May, 2012

Buy Sell Trade

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I am selling off my 2nd hand Philips HR2000 blender for RM 20 at Buy Sell Trade Sdn Bhd, Taman Melawati. The staff asked me what price I want to sell. I told her RM 40. After she have checked with her superior, she returned back the counter and told me that they willing to get the item from me for RM 20. I asked her if she willing to raise the price and she said no. Ok… I finally agreed to sell off the item. Since it is second hand item… well better than nothing. Smile

The reason I sold the item is because

  • I have other smaller blender for my Nutrition Meal so I don’t need this blender anymore
  • part of the plastic have came out inside the blender jar, so I guess is time to get rid of it

 Having this kind of shop near the community is very convenience as I can get rid of 2nd hand item for some $$$. Not all item they will accept, it more on demand from the market. If no buyer of certain items, they will refuse to take it from you.

The downside of this shop is…. It also create an opportunity for some “daring thief” to sell their looted items here! True enough, if anyone want to sell something, they need to sign an agreement to state that the items they are selling belong to them. Yes! You still need to produce your identity card in order to complete the transaction but this does not stop them until the Arm of Law catching up with them one day!

Before I leave the shop, I took the opportunity to survey around to see what kind of items are selling there. There are a few laptop computer 15″ screen and some leather bags that caught my attention. It is really cheap! Maybe I will come to buy it one day Smile


Sunday, 26 February, 2012

Lady Bang Bumper

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After dinner and it started to rain. As I drove along a side lane along Taman Melawati, I saw a Volvo car on my left is about to turn right at a junction and I stopped to let the car go first but the owner bang the side of the car on my front bumper.

The owner realised about it and wind down the windscreen. I can see from the front screen that it is an Indian lady. Damn! I have stopped to let her go first yet she carelessly bang the side of her Volvo onto me.

I  took the umbrella and went down to check for the damage. I told her that I already stopped to let her go first yet why bang on my car bumper? She said sorry. I asked her what she need to do then. She said she will pay me RM 50. I told her that not even enough to repair it and since it is raining I don’t want to negotiate anyway. I took the money and went back to my car.

Consider a bad luck day for me Frown True enough if want to repair, it can easily cost RM 200-300 or more just to get it fix and repaint. Since the car rather old (7 1/2 years) I think I going to leave it that way. Luckily it is not a new car, if yes no matter what I will make sure that she paid all for the repair cost.


Sunday, 25 September, 2011

Sun Ray Taman Melawati

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I saw this sunray before online using Wifi at Restoran Dharbar, Taman Melawati


Tuesday, 23 November, 2010

Melawati Sunset

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YES It Is OK Now

I was at Restoran Al-Hilmi (opposite Public & Hong Leong Bank, Taman Melawati) to have my meal while reading through some newspaper and came across this interesting title: Oh no! Hackers hit firm’s Yes portal

Is this the company strategy to divert public attention from their in-effective way to give proper services support? I don’t know as their marketing people known this better. Grin

After finished reading the article I decided to take out my netbook and run a signal test on YES Dongle just to see how strong the signal bar in this restaurant. It is 2 signal bar out of 5. For your information, customers visited this restaurant knew that here have it own free wi-fi service.

I decided to log in to see if I can surf other web sites and surprisingly it can. It seem like working fine now. May be the news is true that someone have hacked the YES portal and diverting me to reload page?


Saturday, 13 November, 2010

Sunset Taman Melawati

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Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Gold Investment & Servicing

3:30PM – I was at Public Bank Berhad to sell 10 grams of the gold investment. I made this decision as I saw that the price of gold will continue to fall for a week or so.

The price I sold back to the bank was at RM 131.47 per gram. Buying price at RM 126.40 per gram. Making profit of RM 5.07 per gram.

I should have sell it when the gold price hit RM 140.22 (Selling Price) – RM 134.82 (Buying Price)  Profit margin RM 8.42 but I did not. What a waste!

Price Per Gram [Price Update]

Selling Price = The price investor buying from Public Bank
Buying Price = The price investor selling back to Public Bank

4:25PM I was at PJ HQ to return some products and then sending Miss KF a face cleanser. Later at Kepong to see Miss WL to gave her the October bonus.


Monday, 20 September, 2010

Restoran Choice – Chicken Kebab Stick

This one of the food I liked to eat from this restaurant. Chicken Kebab Stick.

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