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Friday, 25 November, 2011

BN Used Our Money To Spam

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I received an SMS from sender 63365 on my Celcom mobile phone this afternoon with this message “Pakatan’s weakness in economic matter wld show immediately & in serious manner if they ever were to capture power. There wld be choas as they find their bearings, if at all – B. Kuppusamy, The Star 24 Nov

As I Google who is this B. Kuppusamy, it appeared to be The Star’s reporter (that may be pro BN government) Ok.. now I began to see the real picture behind this SMS.

Then another Google search confirmed to me that Celcom is a GLC (Government-Linked Company) so everything became a big picture from these pieces of puzzle.

To make it straight to the point, BN goverment is using the GLC Telco’s SMS service to blast out a huge “spam” to Celcom subscribers. (It maybe more to come as the election day grew nearer)

Yes it appeared to be free on your mobile as you are not charge and many people will consider “Tak apalah, what I don’t like I just erase” but have you really sit down a while and ask “Is this SMS really free?” Well… if you are not stupid or not wise enough, kids also knew that there is no such thing as free lunch.

I am not an Economist nor a Great Mathematician but I still can do simple calculation just to show you that I am not a dumb and an idiot. Source that I have googled mentioned that Maxis, Celcom, DiGi will reach 18.5 million, 15.4 million, and 11.4 million, respectively in 2014.

Since now is at year 2011, let assume that Celcom have 10 million active subscribers. Don’t tell me that all 10,000,000 get the same SMS today, but I believed many will be receiving it in days to come. If not the same message, you might received another.

Let do the Math

Assume that only 1,000,000 (1 million) out of 10 million have received it

(with 1 cent as the cost of sending out) but I believed not even one stupid Telco company will do this Smile

1,000,000 x 1 cents = 1,000,000 cents [RM 1 = 100 cents]

1,000,000 cents / 100 cents = RM 10,000 => A sum that the Telco company easily earn in a day!

Who money is that? => Tax payers money! Who is tax payers? It is Me & YOU la! Who else?

Believe me, to cover up of how the money being use, soon you will read from the news that Celcom say that they do it for free. Is this true? I guess not. Celcom is in a BUSINESS and not a CHARITY organisation. In most business everyone is concern of profits rather than losses.

Here I share with you my own experiences, many time I have been late in paying the Celcom bill and guess what Celcom do? First they SMS me many time in the following days, then follow by automatic voice remainder system each morning. Guess how much my bill is? It is just around RM 60 – RM 80! And they chase you like mad dog! Don’t tell me such a company will do thing for free? NO WAY!

So you can see that, too desperately getting people to support them, the BN government is indeed using YOUR own money unwisely for the unnecessarily election campaign. Why unnecessarily?

The news already appeared in The Star and it might have been read by The Star readers. The readers are the one who used their own money to buy the newspaper (not tax payers money) or there is some smart fellow like me read The Stars for free at coffee shop? Smile

How can be the stupid government be sure that the SMS have reached the person who have not read The Star? How about those have read it received it again? Isn’t this waste of money?

After receiving this SMS, this is what I will going to do. I will think twice whether to vote for BN or Pakatan. If I vote for BN, I am actually supporting them to waste public funds. How about vote for Pakatan so that can teach them (BN) a lesson that they should use public funds properly?

Let see… I have 3 mobile phones with me now. If I continue to get these SMSs all over the phones these few days, Pakatan will surely get my vote. Trust me! This is the clear message I gave to BN.

Taking bad of the Pakatan does not mean that BN is good in everything either. So let the voters decide on their own who they are going to vote.


Friday, 5 November, 2010

Stupid Spammer Spam Every Minutes

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There are some stupid spammer out there spamming my blogs with comments every minutes since morning (3.37AM) till now (1.31PM) and I have 727 comments waiting for me to approve.

After went through all the comments, I approved some, trash out some and put some of  it to “Deny IP Address” and black listed them once and for all.

Those I have approved, met these criteria.

  1. Said positive and good things about my blogs (Thanks for that)
  2. Have bookmarked my blogs
  3. Have subscribed to my RSS Feed
  4. Appreciated and thankful for my posts

Those I thrash out & black listed are:

  1. Out of topic comments
  2. Full of rubbish links
  3. Porn or adult web site advertisement. (Well… This is not an adult site, right?)
  4. Casino and gaming web site.
  5. Posting same comments under same topic.
  6. Expected me to solve their browser and feed problem. (All these can be solve easily if they really put in some effort to find help through search engine and they expected me to solve the problem for them. What a shame!)
  7. Asking me stupid questions all over again.
  • Can I reference part of this on my site if I post a link back to this web page? (Answer: Yes, you can. What ever contents and graphics from this blog that you have used, just put a back link back to where you get it from. All I want was the diversify traffic from your web site or blogs)
  • Do you tweet? (Answer: Yes, I am. If you want to follow me, [Just click])
  • Do you have RSS Feed for me to subscribed? (Answer: Here is the [Feed]

Yahoo! Finally I managed to stop this idiot spammer. The last post was posted at 1.35PM Yes Heart

Damn! The comments have stopped showing at my blogs but now I still saw it passing through my Blackberry Phone! WTF!


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