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Sunday, 26 February, 2012

Lady Bang Bumper

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After dinner and it started to rain. As I drove along a side lane along Taman Melawati, I saw a Volvo car on my left is about to turn right at a junction and I stopped to let the car go first but the owner bang the side of the car on my front bumper.

The owner realised about it and wind down the windscreen. I can see from the front screen that it is an Indian lady. Damn! I have stopped to let her go first yet she carelessly bang the side of her Volvo onto me.

I  took the umbrella and went down to check for the damage. I told her that I already stopped to let her go first yet why bang on my car bumper? She said sorry. I asked her what she need to do then. She said she will pay me RM 50. I told her that not even enough to repair it and since it is raining I don’t want to negotiate anyway. I took the money and went back to my car.

Consider a bad luck day for me Frown True enough if want to repair, it can easily cost RM 200-300 or more just to get it fix and repaint. Since the car rather old (7 1/2 years) I think I going to leave it that way. Luckily it is not a new car, if yes no matter what I will make sure that she paid all for the repair cost.


Friday, 21 July, 2006

Is The Mercedes Really A Solid Car?

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If talking about the price you need to pay, it should be. But what if …. when it involved in pile-up accidents, the front cover squeezed up and the other car have only minor damage? And what do you have to say when I told you that the minor damage car is Proton? Would you believe that? Definitely you are not. Me too!

But after witness 2 incidents before it totally changed my mind toward the quality of this car (Mercedes) The first incident I have seen is at Seremban – Kuala Lumpur Highway. The Mercedes hit the back of a Proton Waja, it front cover squeezed up and the bumper of the Waja was only slightly damage !

Another incident is at the junction of Hulu Kelang – TARC! This time, the Mercedes hit the back of the Proton Wira and the same scenario I saw before. The front cover of the Mercedes squeezed up and the Wira was not big deal ! That really surprised me! If the Wira bumper have been dropped after the accident, it will not surprise me either.

You pay RM 100,000 ++, RM 200,000 ++ or more for a car and when involved in a pile accident with a so call cheap low standard car (Around RM 40,000 ++) your hundred thousand over car have a bigger damage!

Don’t believe my word, test it yourself, how about drive your Mercedes or your family one straight to the back of any Proton car. If it squeezed up, then I’m right by what I have seen. And you should wonder why you spend hundred over thousand for such car. If the Proton bumper dropped down, don’t surprise either because it is just a RM 40,000 ++ car. Ha! Ha! Smile

Hmm.. I just began to wonder …. Mercedes is a brand name. It this because it is a brand name, the company or the car seller try to “squeeze” some money from the rich? I dunno .. cause I’m not rich and never own a Mercedes. So I should not worry about those matter.


Pile-up Accidents At Jalan Mahameru

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While traveling back from Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya, I have saw a pile-up accidents among 4 cars at the fast lane. At my opinion, we shouldn’t feel sorry for them. This should indeed a good lesson for those involved. Why?

This is because some Malaysian drivers used to drive fast in the fast lane and never keep their distance. Imagine, they can drove at the speed above 100kmph and in bumper to bumper? And the result … bang ..!! when the infront car applied emergency break. If they have keep their distance, this shouldn’t be happened as they have enough time to break.


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