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Wednesday, 24 November, 2010

YES – Amazing Rewards – Free 10GB

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I have received this email from yescare today and it seem that I have made a wise choice.

Dear Yes Customer,

You said Yes to the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice and we’re glad you did!

We value the trust you’ve given us and have decided that our early adopters must be rewarded. Here is our amazing reward:

For all Yes customers registered before and including 19th Dec 2010:
We are pleased to offer you complimentary 10GB of data services per Yes ID on our 4G network from our Launch day until 19th Dec 2010.

Data billing will begin on 20th Dec 2010, or once you have exceeded the complimentary 10GB of data services – whichever comes first.

Please note that charges for our Yes 018 telephony services (voice and SMS) still apply.

For all Pre-Registered coustmers only:

We will also extend the activation deadline until and including 12th Dec 2010. Those activated Yes IDs will be entitled to enjoy the complimentary data services until 19th Dec 2010 or once you have exceeded the complimentary 10GB of data services – whichever comes first.

Amazing things happen when you say Yes.

Always at your service,

Customer Advocate

Time to watch lot of online movies before it just gone like that. Yes


Tuesday, 23 November, 2010

YES Yescare No Response

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1:24PM I have called the YES Customer Service line to inquiry about the other option to reload (and as I have expected) no body will pick it up.

What do you feel as customer when you heard this? “Our customer service is not currently available

Now a day modern companies make you called up their customer services to listen to their “Hu.. Wah! Hu… Wah” advertising that tell you how great their product is and they are not telling you how WORSE is their services. Technology have made human listen  or talking to machine. Some time you don’t even have the chance to talk to human being about your problem. What a shame!

Now it is 2:17PM, I still not yet receive any reply mail from yescare. My email was sent at 11:59PM yesterday and I guessed it have been lost among several hundred or maybe several thousand of emails that may have asked the same question. “How do I reload? I can’t log in the reload portal

Well I guess me and other need to put the 4G dongle in the “icebox” up to a specific of time just to wait their technical team putting everything up in order properly.  Frown


Monday, 22 November, 2010

YES – Running Out Credits. How To Reload?

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Back home I have try to log in. I managed to find a good position (that shown 1 signal bar out of 5) at the top corner of the room window Laugh Laugh and managed to log in but the 4G Dongle keep on diverted me to the credits reload page.

I have clicked on other websites to see if it can be access? Nope. It have been temporarily “blocked” Hmm… so this is how YTL YES tell customers that it is time to reload the usage credits?

I try to log in “My Account” portal but it cannot (not ready) So now how I going to reload? Then I remembered the lady (W. Chin) I have meet at Jusco Alpha Angle Starbucks. She have told me that her housemate is working with the YTL project.

Now is 11:43PM, is she still awake? I  SMS her to see if she still awake as I have something to ask her housemate. Minutes later I received her SMS reply and I called her. I have talked with her housemate related to the reload. He told me that the reload portal will not be up at the moment up to a specific time as the technical team still working on it.

After hanged up, I sent an email to yescare to enquire if there is any other option to reload the credit. That mean tonight I am back to online using DIGI 3G Turbo. What other choice I have?

This is the problem with Telco companies in Malaysia. They are out there to get the market share first then only work on customer need. They dump in large sum of money in heavy advertising rather using the money to improve their services. Can’t they put thing up properly then only go to get the market share?

I always believe that if your services are good, without huge advertising people will still come directly to you. Don’t forget the power of mouth and the blogs. Satisfied customer talked good thing and wrote good blogs. Unhappy customers get really piss off.

YES launched with a BIG bang and a lot of minor hiccup here and there. Will this hiccup turning into an asthma? Razz Yet to be know.


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