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Monday, 12 July, 2010

World Cup Closing Ceremony

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Friday, 11 June, 2010

The World Cup Finally Started!

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Yes! The long awaited soccer world cup game have finally started. Now I am watching the opening game of South Africa vs Mexico while updating my blogs. Am I soccer crazy? Nope! I can keep my eyes off the TV while blogging. I rather said I am blogging crazy that soccer crazy. Normally I will glue my eyes when I heard the sport announcer shouted “GOAL! “ I am not as crazy as those who can shout “GOAL!” in front of TV. I found that it is stupid but it is nothing wrong if you want to shout. So go ahead and do it!

Latest Update (According To South Africa Date)

Group Matches

11-06-2010 [South Africa 1 Mexico 1] [Uruguay 0 France 0]
12-06-2010 [South Korea 2 Greece 0] [Argentina 1 Nigeria 0] [England 1 United States 1]
13-06-2010 [Algeria 0 Slovenia 1] [Serbia 0 Ghana 1] [Germany 4 Australia 0]
14-06-2010 [Netherlands 2 Denmark 0] [Japan 1 Cameron 0] [Italy 1 Paraguay 1]
15-06-2010 [New Zealand 1 Slovakia 1] [Côte d’Ivoire 0 Portugal 0] [Brazil 2 North Korea 1]
16-06-2010 [Honduras 0 Chile 1] [Spain 0 Switzerland 1] [South Africa 0 Uruguay 3]
17-06-2010 [Argentina 4 South Korea 1] [Greece 2 Nigeria 1] France 0 Mexico 2]
18-06-2010 [Germany 0 Serbia 1] [Slovenia 2 United States 2] [England 0 Algeria 0]
19-06-2010 [Netherlands 1 Japan 0] [Ghana 1 Australia 1] [Cameron 1 Denmark 2]
20-06-2010 [Slovakia 0 Paraquay 2] [Italy 1 New Zealand 1] [Brazil 3 Côte d’Ivoire 1]

21-06-2010 [Portugal 7 North Korea 0]
[Chile 1 Switzerland 0] [Spain 2 Honduras 0]
22-06-2010 [France 1 South Africa 2] [Mexico 0 Uruguay 1] [Greece 0 Argentina 2] [Nigeria 2 South Korea 2]

23-06-2010 [Slovenia 0 England 1] [United States 1 Algeria 0] [Ghana 0 Germany 1] [Australia 2 Serbia 1]

24-06-2010 [Slovakia 3 Italy 2] [Paraguay 0 New Zealand 0] [Denmark 1 Japan 3] [Cameron 1 Netherlands 2]

25-06-2010 [North Korea
0 Côte d’Ivoire 3] [Portugal 0 Brazil 0] [Chile 1 Spain 2] [Switzerland 0 Honduras 0]

Round Of 16 (“Do It Or Die” Mission)

26-06-2010 [Uruguay 2 South Korea 1] [Ghana 2 United States 1]

27-06-2010 [Germany 4 England 1] [Argentina 3 Mexico 1]

28-06-2010 [Netherlands 2 Slovakia 1] [Brazil 3 Chile 0]

29-06-2010 [Paraguay 5 Japan 3] [Spain 1 Portugal 0]

Quarter Final

In [Uruguay] [Ghana] [Germany] [Argentina] [Netherlands] [Brazil] [Paraquay] [Spain]

Bye Bye! & Out [South Korea] [United States] [England] [Mexico] [Slovakia] [Chile] [Japan] [Portugal]

02-07-2010 [Netherlands 2 Brazil 1] [Uruguay 4 Ghana 2]

03-07-2010 [Germany 4 Argentina 0] [Spain 1 Paraguay 0]

Semi Final

In [Netherlands] [Uruguay] [Germany] [Spain]

No more second chance! Out! [Brazil] [Ghana] [Argentina] [Paraguay]

07-07-2010 [Netherlands 3 Uruguay 2]

08-07-2010 [Spain 1 Germany 0]


In [Netherlands] [Spain]

Out [Uruguay] [Germany]

11-07-2010 [Germany 3 Uruguay 2] => 3rd and 4th Placing

12-07-2010 [Spain 1 Netherlands 0]

P/S1 If you called previous games [Germany 4 – Australia 0] [South Africa 0 Uruguay 3] [Argentina 4 South Korea 1] [Brazil 3 Côte d’Ivoire 1] are the best game of all, then you just don’t know how to watch world cup. [Though I did not watch all these games Wink Ha! Ha!]

I can said [Portugal 7 – North Korea 0] is the mother of all games [unless there is another team who can break this…. can they?] I watched all these goals being scored and now Portugal is the top scorer team in this world cup.

P/S2 Round of 16. Top 16 teams. Who is in?

[Uruguay] [Mexico] [Argentina] [South Korea] [United States] [England] [Germany] [Ghana] [Netherlands] [Japan] [Paraguay] [Slovakia] [Brazil] [Portugal] [Spain] [Chile]

Who is Out

[South Africa] [France] [Greece] [Nigeria] [Slovenia] [Algeria] [Australia] [Serbia] [Denmark] [Cameron] [New Zealand] [Itali] [North Korea] [Côte d’Ivoire] [Switzerland] [Honduras]

P/S3 A lot  of unpredicted results happened in this world cup. Among them are

  1. Why France cannot score against Uruguay? Why Portugal CAN’T EVEN SCORE against Côte d’Ivoire? A lousy group game start for both team.
  2. Can you imagine that? Spain can lost to Switzerland? But Switzerland never make in to Round of 16! For Spain, they can move on to Round 16 & Quarter Final! How can this happened?
  3. Portugal still the top scorer team.
  4. Defending World Cup Champion Italy – OUT!
  5. We witness 2 Asia countries in Round Of 16 [South Korea] [Japan]
  6. In “do and die” mission, top scorer Portugal cannot beat Spain? A team that have lost 0-1 to Switzerland. What a disappointment!
  7. Netherlands, the 1st team in Semi Final! Nobody will expect that Brazil’s war ended so soon.
  8. Who said or predicted Argentina or Brazil will be a champion? Both of the team can’t even qualify Semi Final.
  9. Who can believe that Germany can qualified Semi Final when they have lost to Serbia in group game while Argentina have won all group games and Round of 16, but now have defeated so tamely.
  10. Netherlands moved to Final for the 1st time after 32 years!
  11. It really surprising that Germany can beat Argentina (4-0) can lost to Spain ? If you have forgotten that, let me remind you that Spain have be beaten by Switzerland in group match.

Well, the best answer is “The ball is round, anything can happen on the field!

P/S4 My final prediction is Netherlands will be the Champion of 2010 World Cup and Germany will in 3rd place.

Well the results was known to all. Spain is the New Champion. I have the wrong prediction about the Champion but I got the 3rd place correct… Ha! Ha! I am not Paul The Octopus Wink

P/S5 While you shouted “Goal” that time, put a second or maybe a minute back to your mind to think for a while, “What is my goal then?” If you have no goal in you life maybe I might able to tell you about it. If you are free maybe we can meet up to discuss about it. Smile What do you think?


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