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Tuesday, 5 July, 2011

End Of Fly For Dream Seminar

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Finally, the recognition night for Crown Ambassador Lee Yin Chuan & Gek Hong came to end but the Fly For Dream did not end here! It had started to burn again and now is burning rapidly deep inside me.

According to Founder Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean, Crador Global is the place who will give birth to more Crown Ambassadors. I am part of Crador Global and part of Network J&J, I should set my dream Fly Higher for Crown Ambassador!


Fly For Dream With Colour

Stephen Hon, StephenHon

All my live have been grey and not full with colour. After listening to the fiery speeches of 5 Crown Ambassadors, I really motivated and have decided to add some colour back to my dreams so that I can Fly For Dream In Colour. Lee Yin Chuan’s wife surname is Hon (韓) and my surname is also Hon as well. Is she can be a Crown Ambassador, why I can’t?

My goal now is to be a Crown Ambassador and in order for me to be one, I need 19 more Platinums and above in my organisation. Where is the 19 people? Vietnam? Australia? Philippines? Singapore? Taiwan? China? India? Malaysia? or USA? Which Malaysian want to follow me for FREE to Sydney next year? We can discuss on how to achieve that.

Before I go, I have noticed this big banner being hanged up on the hall. On Saturday, 02-07-2011, it was on the little sloop of Country Heights and it is quite hard to take the picture of entire banner. Now having this chance, I asked someone to help me to snap this colourful photo. After it is done and I have thank him, we have a brief chat and he said that he is now studying in Taiwan and will decide to stay for a while or even work there. He told me that he have signed up under Crador Global and will be attending their meeting in Taiwan. Thinking that one day that he may be my Foster Sponsor, I decided to exchange contact information with him.

I gave him my name card and to his surprise, he said his surname also , in English alphabet known as Hong. Wow! That a coincidence! I told him that Crown Ambassador’s wife also have the same surname with us. If she can be Crown Ambassador, we both (韓) also CAN!

Who know, he may be the one that will help me to expand my business to Taiwan. Thank for knowing you Alex Hong.


Happy Birthday Crown Ambassador Lee Yin Chuan

Feel So Good When Lee Yin Chuan Celebrated His Birthday With Malaysia & China Crown Ambassadors

From Left To Right: China Crown Ambassador, China Crown Ambassador (Couple), Zhou Zhi Jian, Khoo Chong Kok, Alice Teh, Gek Hong & Lee Yin Chuan, Foo Howe Kean, Steven Lim, Peter Lee & Choi Kit.

This is really dream come through when yourself as a millionaire have other local and world millionaire to celebrated birthday with you. Not only this, Dewan Lee San Choon Hall tonight was fully packed with Independence Business Owners (IBOs) from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and others


Fly For Dream Crown Ambassador Recognition

Fly For Dream Crown Ambassador Recognition


Date: 05-07-2011

Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Ticket Price: RM 20

Venue: Dewan San Choon, Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang


Monday, 8 November, 2010

林海峰 Lin Hai Feng Health Seminar

Health Seminar

Special Speaker: 林海峰 (Lin Hai Feng)

Location: Dewan Lee San Choon, (Level 2) Wisma MCA

Date: 8-11-2010 (Monday) & 9-11-2010 (Tuesday)

Entrance: RM 40


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