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Wednesday, 15 September, 2010

Netbook Windows Software Corrupted!

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When I woke up again at 12.30PM I noticed that the long “cleaning” process have been completed. Scared that my files at the external drives have been effected, quickly I checked it. The folders are there but wait a minute… as I moved the cursor from folder to folder, it all show “Folder Is Empty” My goodness… don’t tell I have wiped all the files without I realised it? DAMN …. all these files are damn important to me. Cry

Thought that the computer may not able to detect the files after the registry cleaning process, I quickly restarted the netbook computer ….. DAMN!… It stated cannot find the Windows file or it have been missing! Now what? Don’t tell me that my Windows are  now corrupted as well? After re-started a few times, it CONFIRMED THAT THE WINDOWS SOFTWARE ARE GONE!

Now where do I find the Windows installer disc? Do I have the CD?  This Samsung Netbook was bought last year. I quickly looked for the netbook box to see if the CD is there. When I found the box and I checked inside…. NOPE! It is empty! Now how I going to re-install the Windows system?

After pressing here and there on the netbook keyboard, I managed to find the Windows images that I have created last year when I 1st used the netbook and re-install the system but all my previous installed program are gone. That means these few days onward I need to re-download all the freeware programs that I needed from the internet. Frown

This teaches me a good lesson… that is… next time to do housekeeping on the computer (especially related to registry…. don’t attach the external drive together! Or else this the unnecessarily mess I needed to go through. This is also serve a good warning to other when doing registry clean up.


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