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Sunday, 19 September, 2010

Bought Additional Storage Gadgets

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I was out of storage gadget to store recovered files from the recovering software. Around 3:30PM I was at Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Maju to look for additional storage devices. I asked for the largest drive available. It is 2.5 TB and cost near to RM 700. The 1.5 TB cost me RM 310. I also have chosen 2 Thumb Drives. All 3 items cost me total of RM 397. If not mistaken, for the same amount, 2 year back I just managed to buy a 500+ GB hard drive but today I can get  a 1.5 TB drive (plus 2 Thumb Drives)?  That really a good bargain!

The TB word on the Hard Drive stands for Terabytes. It is the number that comes after Gigabyte. Gigabyte equals billions. So terabyte is the number greater than billions. With such huge capacity drive to store data, I wonder what will happen if the drive crashed? Can I really depend on the hard drive to store importance data? I don’t know about it. But I can imagine, if it goes dead one day…. someone out there (the unlucky one) …. it can be you or me….. Question will definitely lost huge amount of data.


Saturday, 21 August, 2010

Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Walk 21082010

4.00PM, I parked my car at NZ Curry House then walked to Wangsa Walk. First I thought that Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Walk was open, but when I was there, it is not. I goes inside the Wangsa Walk Mall to find a place where I can use free wi-fi. I noticed that there is a free wi-fi service at A&W Fast Food.

Since this is the 1st time I used the wi-fi at A&W, I don’t know if the signal is strong. When I tested it, it is not as strong as the signal provided by Bangi Kopitiam nearby. I online until 5:30PM then I moved over to Bangi Kopitiam shop when I saw them open for business. I stayed there until 10:30PM


Friday, 20 August, 2010

Bangi Kopitiam @ Wangsa Walk 20082010

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Thought of going to Alpha Angle Starbucks for the free wi-fi service, but since I went to Wangsa Maju Shop (Shoppe) to do some shopping, it will be quite near if  I goes to the Bangi Kopitiam near Wangsa Walk. I reached there at 6:40PM and this is the first time I am here.

More people walked in when it is almost time for the Muslim to break a fast (Berbuka Puasa)

Signal for the wi-fi here is quite strong. I downloaded quite a number of  software to upgrade my Samsung netbook.

By the time of 10:00PM, it almost full house. Seem to be quite good business for this Bangi Kopitiam. I left the shop around 10:30PM


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