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Saturday, 25 April, 2009

Happening At V2 Cyber Cafe

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V2 Cyber Cafe

V2 Cyber CafeAfter work while on the way back to Wangsa Maju, I passed by Jalan 4/27A and have noticed some happenings around the V2 Cyber Cafe. (Red square box at the left map) From the road side I can see a lady in black singing at a special stage. First I have not think of stopping by to see the event but when I reached home I have regretted why that I did not drop by. Frown It is 6:45PM that moment and still very early before I headed back to hometown Seremban.

After a quick washroom visit, I decided to go there become some busy body for a while just to see what actually happened and it is nice also to have some pictures up here in my blogs. I drove out and parked the car at nearby parking space, walked there and have these pictures taken. Snapped!…… Snapped!……. Snapped!

Lion Dance

Lady In Black

Sexy Model

Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms Game Characters

Floating Doll

As I walked to the car, this floating promotional doll of a new open shop catching my attention. I decided to snap it before going back.


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