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Saturday, 18 September, 2010

Desa Parkcity – The Waterfront

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I went up to Kay’s Garden to look for Alex Tan but I did not find him then I walked over to the balcony and I saw a few girls taken photo of this building. I noticed that their camera are facing up. Out of curiosity, I wonder why they snapped the picture. I went down from 1st floor and then walked to the front of this building, I looked up…. Yes! It is indeed very beautiful. I searched for my camera so that I can take the picture too…. but wait a minute….. where is my camera? I touched my pocket, it is not there. I looked inside my waist porch… it is not there too!

My goodness… must be left inside the car! A bit panic, I rushed to my car hopefully and praying that nobody have came to notice it or else….. my car windscreen will be broken. As I walked toward the car I have noticed a security guard on patrol around the car park on his bike. Yes I am bit relax that moment.

When I reached my car and disable the alarm, I open the driver seat door and went inside and I touched in the dark the seat beside and I found my camera there. Thanks goodness. Grin If no security guard on patrol I guessed most properly the camera have gone and the car windscreen have been smashed up.


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