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Monday, 2 January, 1984

Why Accounting So Difficult?

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9:05AM awake went to bus stop at 10:15AM and wait for the college bus for another 15 minutes. Bus fare is no longer the same as last year, increased 5 cents. Reached TBR (Taman Bunga Raya) at 10:45AM, took lunch.

Do revision on Accounting, my head nearly ‘blown out”, don’t even understand what it all about. What next? Get the answer from behind the book!

2:15PM I phoned Sharon. Her sister said that she have gone out. Frust! Really frustrated! The time I want to phone her, she went out. After putting down the phone I went back to the reading room.

Left college at 5.00PM. While having dinner I noticed a cute girl and kept on staring at her once a while. She is cuter than Sharon.

When she noticed I’m looking at her, she stare back but being shy I am the loser. I turned my face to another place. Helpless! Not brave enough to stare back. By the way, I hope to meet her somewhere in town or college.

8:35PM My room mate’s friend, Ber Tong came and stayed over night here. 10:00PM went out for supper. Backed home half an hour later, listening to songs and went to sleep on 11:30PM


Sunday, 1 January, 1984

New Year Day

Wake up 9:00AM, brushed my teeth and do some laundry. Goes to college at 11:00AM and took lunch at TBR (Taman Bunga Raya) Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak. Do some revision on Accounting and Data Processing. I spent more time in Accounting.

Thinking of phone Sharon but afraid her father will receive my call so I did not do so.

Took dinner at 5:00PM and ‘ta pau’ (packed back food) for my room mate, Yong. Back to Taman Melawati, Hulu Kelang at 5:30PM. Upon arrived, saw Chiew (the other room mate) back from hometown, Kluang, Johor.

Went to mini market with them and bought something. Backed to the house, listening to songs.

At night chit-chatting and joking. Thought of wrote letters to my pen-pal but no idea coming out from my brain so stop writing then.

Went to sleep at 10:45PM but these two guys (Chiew & Yong) kept on talking and I cannot sleep. Midnight – they said they are hungry. We all woke up to cook something to eat and at last I doze off.


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