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Tuesday, 1 September, 2009

It’s Not Easy To Be Me

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It’s Not Easy To Be Me – My favourite song. My favourite movies. Superman The Movies (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), Superman IV (1987), Lois & Clark – The New Adventure Of Superman, Superman Returns (2006),  and Smallville. He is my kind of Hero, my idol. He is strong, powerful, able to fly faster than the speed of light and he is here to save the world! Sometime I think I am Superman but I am not.

At the age of 4 years old (1969)

  • In one of the afternoon, I remembered that I climbed up the table and played some toys with my eldest sister (She is 5 years old then) without I realise, I slipped the place I am holding and felt directly on top of a metal kerosene container that is placing near the table. My face hit the edge of the container and it cut opened the right side of my nose. I stand up bleeding and my sister has a shocked! (That moment my father was taking the afternoon nap and my mother was in the rubber plantation) My sister quickly wakes up my father. He had a shocked too!
  • Then my mother came back and she nearly fainted to see my situation that time! (My little T-shirt coloured red with the blood!) But she managed to calm down. Without changing her working cloth, she put me on the motorbike and rushes me to Linggi town. From there, we hired a cab to Rantau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia (My uncle was a doctor and have a clinic there)
  • While in the cab, I don’t feel any pain at all, but the real pain came when my uncle tried to mend up my nose with stitches. For each stitches, the tears came out flowing from the eyes. Finally it was done with 8 stitches! He told my mother that I was very lucky. If I’m hit on the nose bone, he can’t imagine what will have happened to me!
  • I can say today that my uncle is very good! He managed to fix my nose without leaving any big mark! You can only see the minor line on the nose if you stand very close to me! If from far, I looked just like other normal people.

At the age of 6 years old (1971)

  • I climbed up the rambutan tree to pluck some fruits but I put on the wrong step on the fragile dry branch! It broke and I indeed flew in 2 seconds Wink but the force of gravity pulled me down. I landed flat on my chest at  the ground. Luckily it is just 5 feet tall but high enough for a 6 years old kid to fly. I picked myself up and sat down pale the whole face and seeing some stars circling around my head.

At the age of 7 years old (1972)

  • After watching the Bruce Lee movie by the name of  “The Big Boss” I climbed up the table and did some “Bruce Lee Flying Kick” to the ground.
  • Not enough stunt from the table. I began a more daring adventure! That is to climb up some small durian tree with the neighbor kid, my best friend and started flying kick from there. 1st from 3 feets high. Then 4 feets… 5 feets…. 6 feets… 7 feets and finally 8 feets but my knee knock on my jaws and…. Auuch ! That a painful one. Luckily too still in pieces with no broken bones. Grin
  • When the pain have gone. You will forget about it. And the most dangerous one we did is the kick from the roof. The roof about 9 feets high and easily accessible by climbing up the mata kuching tree. This was the last stunt we ever did. When my father saw what we did he took a rotan (a cane) and try to hit me. I ran zigzag around the row of rubber trees to avoid him hitting me and my friend ran back to his home. For hours I dare not go home and stayed at my friend home.
  • I still received the canning the whole body when back home. Auuch! Auccch! Pain! Pain! Wha!… Wha!…. More pain than the knee knocking the jaws! This is a good lesson I have learned. Don’t blame me as no one ever told me that in movies, it is just acting not real. Even if it is real…. it was done by well trained people like professional stuntmen and they knew how to prevent body injuries to the minimum. As a kid I thought it is fun and real.

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