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Friday, 23 January, 2009

Sunway Lagoon Chinese New Year

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Sunway Car ParkI have read about “Showers Of Spring” from New Straits Times on 19th January 2009 stated that Sunway Pyramid have very unique Chinese New Year decorations themed as “Showers Of Spring”, decked with pink cherry blossoms to welcome the coming of prosperity, family togetherness and happiness. 

I arrived Sunway Pyramid at 2.26PM. After parked the car and have the parking place snapped, I walk out the car park and these attracted me at Sunway Lagoon main entrance.

Sunway Lagoon


Thursday, 1 January, 2009

Being A Stupid Idiot For 2 Years! (Part 2)

Later I left at 12:30AM and jammed all the way from Jalan Pahang. Reached wangsa Maju at 2:10am! Do call this stupid or an idiot? I felt like one! Jammed all the way to watch 5 to 10 minutes fireworks displayed and then jammed all the way back. It took me 1 hour  40 minutes to reach a place that suppose to be 30 minutes drive. And the most funny thing is…. it took me two years (2008-2009) to be this stupid fool Wink Not only this, my left leg got cramp up when I reached Wangsa Maju. This is because I drove that stupid manual gear car. If not mistaken, this early morning I have  changed the gear up and down for more than 80 times or more!

I took supper and then went back home to edit those photos.


Being A Stupid Idiot For 2 Years! (Part 1)

Sunway Car ParkAfter work around 10:40PM I drove all the way to Sunway Pyramid via Jalan Tun Razak – Seremban Highway. Later I used the Federal Highway route. I reached there around 11:00PM but stuck in a massive traffic jam! It seem that everyone also headed the same direction for New Year Celebration. While crawling, I began to think “Am I an idiot or most people are the same too?” Wink Hmmm…  I have learned for The Star that tonight Sunway Lagoon have a beach party and there will fireworks display to celebrate 2009 New Year. Curiosity brought me here and another reason is to capture the photos for my blogs. Maybe this what I called stupid or what an idiot will do. Well who care? I am already stuck here. To u-turn also cannot, so the best is to hope that I can reached the car park before the fireworks or else I don’t know what I doing here Smile Grin

11:50PM entered the car park. Just couldn’t find an empty space. Round and round, floor by floor searching and my eyes looked in front and up to ceiling all the time, I want to see which lights is green but all I see was red! RED! RED! Grrr…. No green at all! Damn!

[This car park was installed with high tech sensors. If an empty space is detected, it will show green light. If it is taken up, then the sensors will show red lights]

Lucky for me, finally I got one. Quickly parked the car, snapped the parking location and ran as fast as I could to the main entrance (the one facing Sunway Lagoon) and have people shouting. That mean it is “NEW YEAR!” It is now 12:00 AM and I just in time for the firework. I took out the camera and …. snap… snap.. snap and recorded some short clips.


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