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Tuesday, 29 December, 2009

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

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A song that I like to dedicated to myself on my coming birthday tomorrow. This will remind me of my goal and my dream. Go! Go! Diamond. Go Crown Ambassador!! This songs also dedicated to my business associates and those who have dreams.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

(Verse 1)

As life goes by,
We always search for meaning,
And look for love,
And why we seem to fall
There we are, not knowing what the future finds
But it’s just a matter of time,
B’fore our rhythm finds a rhyme
B’fore our bells to start to chime
Before we end our uphill climb

We should never give up,
We should never give in
Always fight for a brighter tomorrow
When the going gets tough,
Then the victory begins
No mountain’s as high as it seems
So never give up on your dreams


(Verse 2)
Our time will tell
If we’re not what we seem
The things we do, don’t match the things we are
Look inside, our happiness is always there
We are simply one of a kind
Can’t let others make us blind
With some patience we will find
We can do what’s on our mind

(Chorus x 1)

Work will win when wishing won’t,
You’ve got to pay the price.
No pain no gain don’t fizzle out
It’s time to roll the dice.
It’s not over till it’s over
Hang on till the end
You’ve got to keep the dream alive
You were born to win

(Chorus x 2)


Thursday, 23 April, 2009

Songs + MP3

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I’m sure many of you like songs. Songs brighten up our days when we are sad or unhappy. Some songs bring sweet and sad memories to many people. Without songs, I am sure this world will be a dull and boring place to live in.

I enjoy all kinds of songs, ranging from sentimental, pop, reggae, hot number to rock. Those songs appeared on my play list are my favorite songs. I don’t have any specific favorite singers as not all songs from the same singer I like. Some songs from certain albums are my favorite but some songs are not. Songs indeed add spice and thrills to life.


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