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Monday, 11 January, 2010

Someone SMS Me Again For Tina Number

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12:16PM While blogging, I have received a SMS to request me to SMS (him or her) Tina Fong number. The SMS sounded like this.

Hi Stephen. Can u give me Tina Fong contact number. I read ur blog accidentally! I saw her, during Digi Events at KL, both of u take photo 2gether. I’m her friend, I lost contact with her almost 2 years. I hope u can sms me her contact number. Sorry cos disturb u. Thx. Best regards ~ from Zhan Yan

I have been thinking….. Is this person a guy or a girl? [I remembered last time there is a guy by name of Ben also SMS me for Tina number but I did not give him. Wink ] The name from this SMS sound like a girl. I decided to call the person to find out but after ringing for sometime nobody pick up. Then I called Tina Fong on her 018 number… No longer in service. 2nd called to her 016 number… Not in service. “Har? She changed her number already meh?” I said.

Then my mobile phone ringing. It is from the person I have called (the one who have requested for Tina number) It is a woman! She said she is Tina friend, from Tawau and have lost Tina number last 2 years and just came by my blogs accidentally and have saw the picture I have taken with Tina during “Switch To Digi Events” I told her that I have called up Tina on the 2 numbers (016 & 018) she have given to me before but not in service. Don’t know if she have changed her number or what.

Anyway I told her that I have Tina’s Facebook and will leave Tina a message so that she can contact her. She said thank you and hanged up. I logged in my Facebook and click on Tina’s profile only knew that she have flew to China and will be back to Malaysia next week. I left her a message (with Zhan Yan’s phone number) that her friend are looking for her and wish her to enjoy the trip.

Later I send a SMS to Zhan Yan together with Tina’s Facebook profile link so that she can add her. Well…  I can say that I have did a good thing today. Who said my blogs did not serve a purpose? It can made people accidentally came here and found her lost friend! Ha! Ha! Good or not? You judge.

Latest Update:

After came back from Wangsa Maju Shop (while updating my blogs – 6:17PM ) I received unexpected SMS all the way from China! Guess from who? It is from Tina! Her SMS:

Hie, Tina here. Received your miss called b4. I am in China now. Kindly text me if u need any further assistant.

The next thing I checked is her phone number. Just to see which one she is using. Oh!…  It is the 016 one. (First I thought she have changed her phone number Wink but she still using it!)

My replied:

It about your Tawau friend Zhan Yan looking 4u. I have left her phone number on ur fb. When you back to m’sia, contact her la. How ur China trip? Take care ya! It’s cold over there. Muuacks!

Wow! 1st time I send SMS to China. Ha! Ha! To some of you….. you might said “What the big deal?” Well.. maybe not for you but to me it is! As this is indeed the 1st time I have send SMS to China! That what made the big deal. Smile


Friday, 10 April, 2009

Someone SMS Me For Tina Number

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At 5:30PM I received a SMS from a guy who requested me to give him Tina’s phone number. When I see this I don’t know to laugh or what? His SMS

Stephen, do u have Tina Ting Ting number? Tq – Ben

Hmm another Ben? There is one Ben who go after her sister, Caroline Fong and now another guy by name Ben too want to go after Tina? Or is this the same guy? I don’t know. Maybe yes, maybe no but no matter who, do you expect me to give her phone number just because you SMS me? No definitely not, I don’t know who you are and you are a stranger to me. If you are a stranger to me you are stranger to Tina. Tina is a lady and I am a gentlemen. As a gentlemen I should protect her privacy. Even if I have her number I will not definitely give it out as I don’t know you are a good guy or a bad guy. I also don’t know what will you do when you have her number.

Come on guys! Don’t SMS me for the ladies phone number. I don’t mind that you SMS me if you need my products or maybe want to know more about the business opportunity. I have been thinking for a while, why no ladies SMS? Ha! Ha! I definitely welcome any ladies to call or SMS me, for lunch? movies? buying products? or want to know more of the business opportunity?

Well guys…. if I did not give you Tina number does not mean you can’t have it. You still have the chance to do so. You need to put in some effort as there is no such thing as free lunch.  Guys if you really want to have Tina’s number, here are the things you need to

  1. Click on “Tina Fong” tag in my blogs. Read about the business she is in.
  2. Find out what business I am involved.
  3. Find out when and where I used to bump into Tina one a while.
  4. Join my business network by fixing up an appointment with me.
  5. Follow me to all those meetings.
  6. If by any chance we ever meet with Tina, I will introduce her to you.
  7. Then it is up to you to ask her for the phone number. If she give you then you will have it. If not, consider yourself don’t have any luck Smile

It that fair? I gueseed it is fair enough for you and her. Don’t tell me that I did not warn you. She have very high expectation on men. She admired those have qualified Platinum and above. If not, it is quite difficult for you to win over her heart. Even I have business in Malaysia & Philippines, yet she still not yet attracted to me! Ha! Ha!

You may said…. “If like that, I don’t want lo….” Well, that is your own problem. You are the one who want me to introduce her to you but you can’t make even a small decision? How can?


Friday, 8 August, 2008

Hyundai Olympic Project (08-08-08)

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[Hyundai Anti-Oxidant Water] I have received an invitation SMS invitation from MSP to attend the launching of Hyundai Olympic Project (HOP) at Federal Hotel today. The event will start on 7PM. Here is the SMS

“08/08/2008 FRI, 7:00PM Special Limited Launch HYUNDAI OLYMPIC PROJECT (HOP), Federal Hotel, KL. Invite your friends and business partners join first and only one in the new market Millionaire Business Plan Launch, 7:00PM – 7:45PM. Tea break serve.”

6:30pm go to Federal Hotel to attend the launch. Caught in a terrible jammed from Jalan Yap Kwan Seng to Bukit Bintang. Reached Low Yat Plaza at 7.45pm. Straight go to Federal Hotel and the event board stated that it was held at Skyroom, 15th Floor.

First I thought it may have been started but luckily not. As there was some foods served,  I decided to have some pieces of cakes to eat and drank a cup of tea. Finally the event started on 8pm.

These are the night view of Kuala Lumpur city through the glass window of Skyroom, Federal Hotel

At the end, I left around 10.40PM and have supper at Jalan Genting Kelang,  Ayam Cendawan + Durian Juice.


Wednesday, 30 July, 2008

Someone SMS Me!

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I have received a SMS from a malay guy yesterday (29-07-2008) and I called him on 4.06PM today and asked him where he got my number. He said from my online ads regarding the home business. I said I have a lot of opportunities to share and asked him about his location so that I can meet him tomorrow to explain to him as it is quite difficult to explain from the phone. He said at Bandar Permaisuri, Cheras. Later I asked him what time he will be free. He said around 10.30AM and I said it is ok and I will meet him tomorrow then. I continued to blog after I hanged down the phone.

5.30pm I went to Taman Melawati to buy Toto as the accumulated Jackpot for Mega Jackpot 6/52 was more than RM 9 millions! Phew! Who don’t want the RM 9 millions? I never forget about my dream to be an instant Millionaire! Smile You may said, do you think it is easy to win? Well…. though I knew it is hard but if not buying that mean totally zero % leh! If I bought and the chance is 0.0000001% or less, I still have 0.0000001% loh! Ha! Ha! Well we can’t predict when our luck come right? So I “invested” RM 16 on it! (RM 3 for Super 6/49, RM 2 for 6/42 Jackpot, RM 5 for Mega 6/52 and RM 6 for 6D) Wish me good luck! Grin

7.45PM – Go to work loh. After the short “dream” still need to wake up to face reality loh. If not work, where got money to play Toto woh, where got money to pay other fixed expenses and how to survive woh?


Monday, 14 July, 2008

Today No Work, Whole Day Blogging

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Today is Monday. Normally I am not working on Monday. I will in KL if not going back to Seremban. If I happened to be in Seremban I will back to KL on Tuesday evening. Woke up at 10.10 AM Switch on the TV and watched Parliament Live Telecast till 11.00 AM Blogging at the same time while watching TV.

12.14PM SMS to Caroline to see if she have any plan after work. Since I am not working today, maybe can go for movie or yam cha? If cannot I will stay at home updating the blogs.

2.30PM wanted to go out for lunch but it started to rain. When raining it is very troublesome when your car is in the open park. Decided to wait and continue updating my blogs. The rain then stopped at 4.00PM Goes to the nearest mamak restaurant to have simple lunch. A packet of Nasi Lemak, a glass of tea and some beans.

8.00PM Watching news while blogging.

8:20PM Caroline replied my SMS said that she is sorry for replying me late. She was busy with work :) Tomorrow she need to work full shift so cannot go out for movie. She said maybe next time? :)

8:23PM Me replied back “OK. No problem.

10.00PM Watching chinese movies at TV3, did pay much attention to the movie title…. so don’t know what title loh. It is a martial art movie. Another series of “Wong Fei Hung”

11.00PM Drove out to nearby shop lots to have dinner plus supper at one of the Chinese restaurant. I ordered curry chicken rice and a cup of tea.

12.00AM Watching midnight news on TV3 followed by Chinese Series on TV2.

1.45AM Mum called me and we chat for a while.


Friday, 25 April, 2008

Unexpected Surprised SMS From April Shakira (Caroline) !

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I was working as usual from 8:00PM – 10.00PM Either 8 or 9 something (forget liow) I have received this unexpected SMS from April Shakira (Caroline Fong)!

Hi Stephen! This is April Shakira. How are you?

As I still working I did not check my phone until when I am off. When I goes through the SMS(s) It really gave me a big surprised as she SMS me. Wow! Leng Lui (Pretty lady) SMS me woh! I never ever dreamed that she will SMS me. I remembered I have gave her the phone number but she never call and never sms me. We just communicate on blogs or testimontial. Once a while through Friendster email.

A checked on my mails (which I not yet erased) it was dated back on 17-12-2006! Wow! That was long time ago but anyhow I am happy and excited because she is one of the woman I secretly admired. Quickly I wrote down her phone number. (Scare accidentally erase mah Smile ) Then only I save it on my phone.

I send her a reply message at 22.52pm “Hi Caroline! This is Stephen. I am fine. Thanks for your SMS! It really gave me unexpected surprise!” With the smiling face all night. Ha! Ha!


Monday, 1 January, 2007

My Greeting For A Downline Associate

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I sent this greeting message to a new downline associate. (Ong KS)

A new year brings new hope. Find your direction & how to live your life as YOU decide your future. CHANGE this year and be proud of yourself when this new year end, you can say I DID IT! Let us work together and face the new challenges. YOU CAN DO IT!


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