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Friday, 10 September, 2010

Seri Perdana Hari Raya Open House – Shake Hand With PM

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After tasted the foods & drinks, as I walked around I noticed that some people are holding “1Malaysia” souvenir gift on their hand. Some have it for more than 1 box!

I asked a Malay lady where she get the souvenir.

Myself: “Boleh saya tanya, di mana dapat ini?” [Can I ask, where do you get these?]

Malay Lady: “Kediaman PM.” [Prime Minister Residence Place]

Myself: “Kalau tak pergi tak dapat?” [If I did not go I can’t have it?]

Malay Lady: “Tak dapatlah kalau tak pergi.” [Won’t have it if don’t go]

So I que up hopefully can shake PM’s hand and get the 1Malaysia souvenir. I looked at my Blackberry phone and the time show 12:45PM and I looked at the long que ahead of me.

By logical calculation when it is the time for me to reach there it will around 1.30PM and I remembered that I have read from The Star that Prime Minister and Muslim ministers will leave the venue from 1pm to 2pm to perform Friday prayers at Putra Mosque.

If this is the case, no point for me to que up there if I can’t meet  the PM.  It will be a waste of time so I just need to “scarify” the intention to meet the PM, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak and forget about the souvenir.

This mean that I will go back home with stomach full of foods Wink but minus the 1Malaysia souvenir gift. Frown


Seri Perdana Hari Raya Open House – Colour Around The Fountain

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Seri Perdana Hari Raya Open House – Happening

Kelvin Lau Singing Hari Raya Song

Angeline Tan & Sathiya


Seri Perdana Hari Raya Open House – Foods & Beverage


Seri Perdana Open House – Name Of Foods

As I walked around and tasted some of the foods, I noticed these banners being hanged on some stalls. It contains the name of the foods being served on this open house. I decided to snap it down for my blogs. I might have “missed” some name as I did see that some stalls never display any banner.


Seri Perdana Hari Raya Open House


Finally At Seri Perdana

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YES! Finally I Left Some Foot Prints At Seri Perdana, Putrajaya


How To Go Seri Perdana?

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I woke up at 9.40AM and went online ( to check the route I need to take in order for me to reach Seri Perdana, Putrajaya. From the map I noticed that I need to go to Presint 12 & Persiaran Utara before I can reach Seri Perdana (Presint 10) With this in mind, I got ready and prepared myself.

I left my place from Wangsa Maju at 10:30AM and drove to Putrajaya. Based on the road sign, I heading to Presint 12 but I did not manage to find Persiaran Utara. I still not very familiar with the roads surrounding Putrajaya as this is the 3rd time I at this place. Frankly speaking I never been to Seri Perdana before so I blur blur reaching there Wink when I finally found the large number of police traffic & policemen on duty. By the roadside I saw large group of people walking to one direction. This must be the place, I thought and finding a place to park. When I finally parked the car and join the big crowd of people to Seri Perdana, I tweeted from my Blackberry phone, the time is 11:30AM

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