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Saturday, 4 December, 2010

MAHA 2010 – Government Agencies

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It going to be 10:00PM and will be closing soon and the person in charge of the expo have instructed all visitors to leave the hall. I have managed to snap some of these pictures  as I walked out of the hall. There are many booths I have left out as I have no much time for me to stay there.

Of all the booths I have visited previously, I noticed that the best designs are among these and have wider space. These are the booths set up for government agencies.


MAHA 2010 – 332,000 Visitors On Saturday

According to MAHA 2010 website, it have 322,000 of visitors today! I am among this figures Laugh

By looking at the numbers of cars parked by the road side (illegally) and those in open car park space have proofed that.

Looking for parking space was quite a challenge due to large crowd turn out at the expo. I dare not take the risk by parking illegally on the roadside as I worried that the traffic police will issue me a summon.

To play it safe, it is much more better  I search for a space at the open car park though I need to crawl slowly bumper to bumper there. Lucky for me as I managed to get a parking space at the moment I turned in the open car park. Grin


MAHA 2010 – Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism Show

I reached Serdang Toll Plaza at 5:00PM and then caught in bumper to bumper crawl along the road from UPM (University Putra Malaysia) to the site of MAHA 2010, Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS)

This kind of situation is expected as today is Saturday and most people and families are free. Today MAHA 2010 is the 9th days of 10 days expo events. Tomorrow will be the last day.

It took me 50 minutes to reach the destination. If no traffic jam, it should be  from 10 to 15 minutes drive.


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