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Monday, 8 September, 2008

Think Before You Throw – Lets Recycle 08092008

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Time 3:20PM – I was at recycle centre, Wangsa Maju (just behind Carrefour) to sell of some junks as I going to shift down stair soon. There are a lot of junks that have been kept for years and no longer needed. Among them are old newspaper, cardboard boxes and mixed plastic bottles. All these junks total up to 12.9 kg! Walau eh! When I  never thought of shifting, I  never know how much useless junks I have accumulated over the years.

Sometimes when I thought I needed it and treated those junks like priceless items. But then when I decided to sold it, I only have RM 3.79 cash back. What a joke!

Well… Who said that I did not help to protect the earth and save the environment? I do recycling, right? How about you? Wink


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