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Monday, 30 August, 2010

Membership Renewal

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2:00PM I arrived at new HQ, Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya but all car park was full. It it not surprising as today is the last pick up day for the month of August.

Lucky for me as someone is leaving and I managed to get a place. As I walked to the entrance I noticed a lady using trolley to push about 5 units of  Water Treatment System to her car. I was wondering…. hmm… how can she sell so well? {petalingpjjayaespringamwaynewhq)

I was in the HQ today to renew the distributorship of my uncle which will be expired today.

Then I have lunch at R&J Cafe. The cafe also full pack with IBOs. I managed to get one when someone is leaving. While having lunch, Executive Diamond Ng Thong Seng came over and sat in front of me. Definitely I knew who is he (and I am sure he don’t know me, as I am nobody) He is the brother of Founder Double Diamond, Ricky Ng Thong Kok. I have a hand shake with him.

As he looked around, I asked him which countries he have expanded his  business to recently. He said just started in Australia and now have a Platinum in Vietnam. I asked him where? He told me at Hanoi.

That will a great news for me as I am looking for business support in Hanoi. I already have support in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (networking with Executive Diamond Gan Hwa Seng) I asked him if I can have the email of his Hanoi Platinum. He said, I can SMS him on his mobile and he will forward it to his Platinum there. He wrote down his mobile and email on my notebook.

At the same time, my friend Emerald Direct Richard came by and he have a brief chat with him. Thong Seng still look young if compare his age (maybe because of the food supplement & vitamins he have taken all this year) I told him about it and he have asked me….. “At what age, I look like?” I said about 40 something, he laughed and said I am the first one that have told him that he looked young. Smile


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