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Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

Pesta Tang Lung – The Foods

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After the lion dance and Tang Lung (Lanterns) procession around the Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, Klang (town area) we need to que up to get the free foods. Due to many people attending this moon cakes festival, I have waited in the que for more than 15 minutes to get foods.

1st Round & 2nd Round Of Foods I have Taken

Food Caterer For The Event By Restoran Five Five Five


Where Is Jalan Batu Nilam 3?

After dinner at Restoran Choice, I drove to Klang Bukit Tinggi through MRR2 without knowing the exact location of the Pesta Tang Lung (Lanterns Festival) I arrived at AEON JUSCO Bukit Tinggi surrounding area around 7:15PM and stopped by a petrol station to use it WC then after that I asked the staff where is Jalan Batu Nilam 3. She said further up after AEON JUSCO, turn to the left  after Petronas and don’t go up the flyover. So I blur blur drove toward the mentioned direction. Later, still in doubt and confusion I stopped by another petrol kiosk to ask, but the staff also not sure where is the location. Question

As I walked out of the kiosk, I ask another two Malay guys if they know where  is Jalan Batu Nilam 3, they told me that this area is mostly by the name of Jalan Batu Nilam but the problem is they also don’t know the exact place. Then I walked back to my car and I saw another Chinese guy walking to the kiosk and I asked him if he ever heard, if there is a Pesta Tang Lung here tonight in this area. He said he did not aware of it.

Leaving me with no choice I drove straight ahead and came back the area near AEON JUSCO but this time at the back side on the building. As I drove around the housing estate, I noticed that the road name as Lorong Batu Nilam 13 and so on until I reached a guard house. I stopped by to ask the security guard.

This time I asked him where is Charles Santiago’s operation office. I believe if I mentioned Charles Santiago, many people will know him as he is the Member of Parliament for Klang, Vice Chairman of Selangor DAP (Democratic Action Party) I also believed that if a MP have organised an event it should near to his operation office.

The security guard told me that he have 2 operation centers in Klang then only I told him Jalan Batu Nilam 3. He said I need to go out straight of the road I came from. When I reached the T-junction ahead I need to turn to the right side, go straight till I reached a traffic light, go toward the right again, go straight and then I will see the Giant Hypermarket ahead. Jalan Batu Nilam 3 should be somewhere near the field by the school. I thanks him and try to find the place again. Before I start the car, I noticed the full moon across the sky. A snap of it for the blog. Yes Heart

I turned to the right direction 2 times as mentioned and for sure I saw the Giant Hypermarket ahead of me (on the right) but wait a minute….. ! As I get closer there is a traffic light, so now left or right? When the light turned green I decided to go to the left direction but as I drove along, I saw row of shop houses there but I did not see a school. I did not see the field. I did not see any sign of lantern festival there. I decided to stop asking for people the final round. If this time I did not get it, I will cancel my plan.

When I asked, no one know until it is over heard by an Indian guy who was sitting there drinking beer alone and he told me that I need to go straight. After the traffic light (beside Giant Hypermarket) I will see a school and a field nearby. The functions should be there. Should I believe him? Or he is talking in his “drunkenness”? Grin Well I choose to believe him anyway. I thanks him.

OK… let see… traffic light… go straight… there is a school & a field… OK I saw the school and the field… I looked toward the right side… there are  a row of shop houses. I saw a shop with some light across the street. The event  is there? Or just a restaurant light decoration? I did not turn there but moving ahead slowly and I saw the Public Bank. Well no activities there. Maybe I should go to the other side. The place I saw the light?

I u-turn back, heading toward the light and I noticed the same banner I saw from Charles Santiago’s blog. Yes YES! Finally I found it. Quite a number of people are there. I parked the car and joined them. The event is in front of Restoran 555. It is 8:20PM that time. My goodness…. it really took me 1 hour to find this place.  Frown

So to go there without mistake from the guard house is I should took 4 rights instead of 2 rights and a left direction. Laugh


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