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Monday, 23 May, 2011

Wifi At Starbucks – Quadrillion Hits? Quadrillionaire?

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I am at Starbucks now using the free WiFi and having a tall green tea ice blended with cream. Since just sat down and have not warm up the seat, I decided to do some search on Google to see what word came after trillion. I found it and someone said “Quadrillion” Ok… fed up that my blogs have not reach thousand or million hits per day, I decided to ask the search engine this stupid questions to search if there are any answers. Smile

How to have quadrillion hits to my blogs?” You sure said I am crazy, thousand hits per day also not yet reach, now want to check quadrillion hits? Siow or stupid? So who care? Cannot think big meh?

Guess what, I have over challenge the smartness of the search engine. Even the top 1st result did not mention about the quadrillion. How can that be?

It was only mentioned on the 2nd position and 4th position of the 1st page of Google search. Ok…. how about another idiot question to the search engine YesHow to be quadrillionaire?” If you still reading this you definitely said that I must be insane as myself not even a millionaire…. now want to see how to be quadrillionaire … Ha! ha!

And the result this time much more better. Most web sites that was displayed on 1st page of the search have the word “Quadrillionaire” on it. That mean no me alone is “Siow” many more out there have more “gila” than me. 8490 search result and Google search all in 0.24 seconds. 9.55PM

Well, I have reason to do this as I can comment on the top listed site and have a back link back to my blog. Of course the site owner still have the right to accept or not to accept it but what if they accepted my comment? How frequently you can get back link from sites that was top 10 at the 1st page of Google search? I have learned that the more back links you have from top sites, the higher Google search engine will position your site. No harm for me to try, right? He.. He!


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