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Sunday, 3 July, 2011

Goodbye Palace Of The Golden Horses

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This place have left me some wonderful experiences, tonight. YES! This is the first time in my life for having a chance to have dinner with so many successful people. Crown Ambassadors Foo Howe Kean, Peter Lee Pang Say, Khoo Chong Kok, Steven Lim & Lee Yin Chuan, company Managing Director Low Han Kee, company General Manager Paul Yee, local & China EDCs, Diamonds, Emerald, Sapphire, Platinum and Independence Business Owners (IBOs) from China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

RM 140 really worth the ticket price! Good foods, good environment with positively successful people, good entertaining events. What a night to remember. You may said that not a big deal. Yes, this is not a big deal! Many Malaysian can afford to take out this money to dine at Palace of The Golden Horses but why don’t you be here tonight? Either you don’t know about it, never care to bother or don’t even want to be part of it.

The most important for me tonight is that I have known an Independence Business Owner from Shanghai, China (Gu Yi) and his mother. It time for me to expand my business to China? Maybe…. maybe they can help me at Foster Sponsorship in China one day? Nobody know but that the power of networking. It will come handy when you knew the people that may able to help you one day. China is a very big economic market in the world and who don’t want to eat this pie? I surely interested….. Laugh Yes

As I walked to the car park, I have been thinking….. if I am not in this business, can I be part of this? I guessed not and I really need to be thankful because I HAVE CHOSEN TO BE PART OF IT!

Will I come back here again? That depend if any other function that may bring me back. Smile I drove home excitedly tonight.


Fly With Dreams 让梦飞翔

Leadership Meeting With 5 Crown Ambassadors

  1. 3 Countries Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean 傅后坚 (China/Malaysia/Taiwan)
  2. 1st Malaysia Crown Ambassador Peter Lee Pang Say 李防之 (Miracle Creator)
  3. Crown Ambassador Khoo Chong Kok 邱宗国
  4. Crown Ambassador Steven Lim 林北纪
  5. Crown Ambassador Lee Yin Chuan 李恩全

Venue: Palace Of The Golden Horses 金马皇宫大酒店

Time: 11.00AM – 4:30PM

Date: 03-07-2011

Ticket Price: RM 40.00


Saturday, 2 July, 2011

Banners Of Crown Ambassador Lee Yin Chuan 李恩全 & Gek Hong 韓玉風

The Following Picture Taken By Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS

As I walked along the main road to Crown Ambassador 李防之 Peter Lee’s bungalow home, I managed to capture all these banners of Crown Ambassador 李恩全 Lee Yin Chuan & Gek Hong 韓玉風. Is this all or I have missed out some? I don’t know… as the IBO that have helped me snapped the photo above have gave me a ride on his car. So I might missed out the other banners along the road to Peter Lee home. Laugh

The Following Pictures Taken By Canon EOS 1000D


Welcome Crown Ambassador Lee Yin Chuan (李恩全) & Gek Hong (韓玉風))

I will be at Country Heights to welcome the arrival of newly qualified Crown Ambassador, Lee Yin Chuan (李恩全) & Hon Gek Hong (韓玉風) around 11:30am together with other Network J&J Independence Business Owner (IBOs) Being Crown Ambassador so GOOD! Company will specially chartered a helicopter to bring them from JB to Kuala Lumpur.

Have you ever witness… when your boss or you being promoted, your company will make this VIP treatment for you? I have not seen one, so I will be there to witness it for myself! Of course taking pictures and video clips is another reason I want to be there.

Of course, I will not want to miss out this opportunity to go to Peter Lee Pang Say’s (李防之) Bungalow house. Frankly speaking I have never been to his house before. I want to witness with my own eyes how a millionaire lifestyle is.



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