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Sunday, 25 September, 2011

Dr. Sam Rehnborg At Taman Jaya

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The Following Pictures Taken By Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS

Dr. Sam Rehnborg Relaxing By The Lake Site At Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya After Aerobic Session & Morning Walk

My Breakfast For The Morning


Sunday Morning Walk With Dr. Sam Rehnborg

I woke up at 4:00am. I ON the computer to Maps Google for direction. I am not very sure where Taman Jaya is. As I finally got the map direction, I realised that it is just opposite the Amcorp Mall at Petaling Jaya. If that is the case… it is easy to go la Smile

I updated my blogs then get myself ready for the morning walk with Dr. Sam Rehnborg. Taken breakfast around 6:20am at Restoran Deen, Taman Melawati then I drove to Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya. I reached there at 6.55am.

I que up with other to register at the registration counter.

Dr. Sam Rehnborg with the crowd at the starting line.

We walked around the lake then back to a place where we all have an aerobic session with an instructor for about 20 minutes.

[Click For More Pictures]


Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Gold Investment & Servicing

3:30PM – I was at Public Bank Berhad to sell 10 grams of the gold investment. I made this decision as I saw that the price of gold will continue to fall for a week or so.

The price I sold back to the bank was at RM 131.47 per gram. Buying price at RM 126.40 per gram. Making profit of RM 5.07 per gram.

I should have sell it when the gold price hit RM 140.22 (Selling Price) – RM 134.82 (Buying Price)  Profit margin RM 8.42 but I did not. What a waste!

Price Per Gram [Price Update]

Selling Price = The price investor buying from Public Bank
Buying Price = The price investor selling back to Public Bank

4:25PM I was at PJ HQ to return some products and then sending Miss KF a face cleanser. Later at Kepong to see Miss WL to gave her the October bonus.


Monday, 30 August, 2010

Membership Renewal

2:00PM I arrived at new HQ, Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya but all car park was full. It it not surprising as today is the last pick up day for the month of August.

Lucky for me as someone is leaving and I managed to get a place. As I walked to the entrance I noticed a lady using trolley to push about 5 units of  Water Treatment System to her car. I was wondering…. hmm… how can she sell so well? {petalingpjjayaespringamwaynewhq)

I was in the HQ today to renew the distributorship of my uncle which will be expired today.

Then I have lunch at R&J Cafe. The cafe also full pack with IBOs. I managed to get one when someone is leaving. While having lunch, Executive Diamond Ng Thong Seng came over and sat in front of me. Definitely I knew who is he (and I am sure he don’t know me, as I am nobody) He is the brother of Founder Double Diamond, Ricky Ng Thong Kok. I have a hand shake with him.

As he looked around, I asked him which countries he have expanded his  business to recently. He said just started in Australia and now have a Platinum in Vietnam. I asked him where? He told me at Hanoi.

That will a great news for me as I am looking for business support in Hanoi. I already have support in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (networking with Executive Diamond Gan Hwa Seng) I asked him if I can have the email of his Hanoi Platinum. He said, I can SMS him on his mobile and he will forward it to his Platinum there. He wrote down his mobile and email on my notebook.

At the same time, my friend Emerald Direct Richard came by and he have a brief chat with him. Thong Seng still look young if compare his age (maybe because of the food supplement & vitamins he have taken all this year) I told him about it and he have asked me….. “At what age, I look like?” I said about 40 something, he laughed and said I am the first one that have told him that he looked young. Smile


Monday, 3 May, 2010

Foursquare Adventurer Badge


Saturday, 14 November, 2009

Products Expo & National Convention 2009

Product Expo

(14-11-2009 Saturday 1:00PM – 6:00PM)

(15-11- 2009 Sunday 9:00AM – 3:00PM)

[Open To Public]





Experience in every sense of the word! On top of impressive product showcases, demonstrations, activities and special gifts, this year’s Product Expo promises to be even more exciting. It will be held in the grounds of Malaysia’s brand new headquarters! Plus, the warehouse will be open so Distributors can purchase products while they are there! Mark this date and don’t forget to join us at the Product Expo!




Inspiring guest speakers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. A gathering of distributors from various countries. A celebration of achievements camaraderie. Expect all these and more at National Convention 2009. Join us. Together let’s make a difference!

Crown Ambassador Direct Distributors

Peter Lee & Choi Kit (Malaysia 1st Crown Ambassador)

“When we started, it was with the modest aim of earning extra income to make ends meet,” Peter & Choi Kit say. Soon, they began to see the difference. While income from their conventional businesses tapered off, the income from this business never stopped – though they were building the business at their own pace. The turning point came in 1994 when they made Crown Ambassador their goal.

Once decided, they never entertained the thought that it couldn’t be done. Their motto: “A successful person never gives up. If you do not give up, you haven’t failed. Eventually, you’ll see a breakthrough!”

Crown Ambassador Direct Distributors

Clement Fu & Anita Ng (Hong Kong 1st Crown Ambassador)

The life-long security that this business could provide was just what Clement & Anita were looking for. Although at that time direct selling was not well established in Hong Kong, it did not stop them. “It’s like running a hurdle race,” say Anita. “whenever you’re faced with obstacles, you’ve to make sure you keep moving forward.”

Instead of shying away, Clement & Anita dug in their heels and steadily ascended the ladder of success. “Hard work will help you succeed in this business,” they stress. “There will always be people on hand to teach and help you – as long as you’re willing to learn.”

Founders Triple Diamond Direct Distributor

Aranong Sirirangkamanont (Thailand)

Drawn by the Sales & Marketing Plan and the belief that the future was promising for those in the consumer business, Aranong became a full-time Distributor – a marked departure from her previous vocation at the cancer research unit of University of Southern California’s Medical Department.

A visit to the World Headquarters and its facilities in ADA fueled Aranong’s desire to succeed. Together with her business partner, she established a meeting centre in Bangkok and started her steady rise to become one of the top business leaders in Thailand. Today, she is proud of her achievements and of being able to help as many people as possible succeed through this business.

Be there at the National Convention 2009 to listen more of their stories! LIVE!  Contact your Distributor (IBO) for the tickets now before it is sold out!

Entrance By Ticket (RM 35 + Free T-shirt)


Sunday, 8 March, 2009

Nutrition Breakfast Demo

1:00PM I was at Petaling Jaya to meet an IBO, Mr. Tan. I have made an appointment with him earlier. The reason to see him today is to show him the Nutrition Breakfast Demo I have learned from Network J&J meeting. After the demo, he is quite impressed about it. He did not place any order but that not so important. What important is I able to let him see what I have learned. This can be part of the follow-up I need to do on non active IBOs. I have told him that if he have friends who like to see the demo, can make an appointment with me. I will then be there to help him to do the demo presentation.


Saturday, 20 December, 2008

Twisties Blast @ D’ Warehouse Party

After works, around 6:00PM, I changed my T-shirt and drove to Sunway Pyramid. It started to rain heavily Sunway Parkingwhile on Kesas Highway. I reached Sunway Pyramid at 7:00PM. So many shoppers looking for car park so need to crawl bumper to bumper to find parking space. Finally I managed to get one 10 minutes later.  Before I walk away, I took out my camera to take a snap shoot of the location board so that I can find my car later on. Smile

As I walked around the shopping complex I decided to snap some Christmas tree pictures. Here are those pictures I took at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Eshan.

Stephen Hon

Satisfied with the photoSunway Hotels snapping, I have something to eat at McDonald. Later I went to the escalator that connected Sunway Pyramid car park with Sunway Lagoon. When I reached the security house, he said it is not this entrance. I should go to the main entrance opposite Sunway Pyramid. Without wasting time I walked there but when I reached there, the security guard said I should enter through the site near to Sunway University College. I asked if by walking it is near? He said I better drive there as it is quite far.

So I took out the car from the car park and drove to Sunway University but hesitation to turn in the junction made me missed it and finally I reached Sunway Hotel. As I saw the night scenery there was beautiful,  I  decided to park in the Hotel car park. Just like in Sunway Pyramid I decided to snap the parking location just before go to the man make lake to snap some pictures.

Sunway Hotel

Sunway Hotel

Sunway University CollegeSatisfied with the pretty pictures from the man made lakeside, I paid at the auto pay machine and drove to the Sunway Lagoon (Elephant Walk) for the 2nd round and I asked the policemen there if I can park my car and he said I need to park my car at Sunway University College open car park then walk there. Damn… since I already passed by the open car park, that mean I need to take another round.

And for the 3rd round, I drove in Sunway University College, parked my car and then walked to Sunway Lagoon. At the entrance I gave the event organiser the entrance ticket, he have my arm stamped and passed me a red wrist rubber ring. He asked me to wear it at my wrist and I walked down the slope and can hear loud music blasting out of the speakers. When I am inside, two Hot FM crew’s cars caught my attention so I decided to shoot it!

Hot FM

Live rock performance by local rock group

Twisties Blast @ D' Warehouse Party

Graffiti demonstration & extreme sport bike show

Acrobatic performance by 2 Chinese ladies & 1 male

Twisties Blast @ D' Warehouse Party

Professional Dancers Performing Stage Dance

Stephen Hon

Graffiti Artists With Their Creations

DJ Stella Nutella with her hot songs plus party people partying around

Stephen Hon

Before I leave the area, I asked a girl by the name of Helena, an event crew to take some photos of me. I left her a name card and asked if she is using facebook. She said yes and I asked to add me. Will she do that? Well just wait and see if she will add me. If she does mean that she don’t mind to be my friend. If she does not then it is clear that she does not interested to be my friend. No matter what her decision, who care?

I left that area around 11:25PM. Finally, do I enjoy this party? Well I did not have much fun but just enjoying taking pictures Wink Or else you won’t see this much pictures here right? Smile

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