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Saturday, 15 January, 2011

FHM 2011 GND Is Over – The Party Goes On

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Finally the FHM 2011 Girl Next Door is over and the winner have been announced. A lot of people have left Euphoria. Many more partying people are coming. The night still young and hot babes confirmed with their body languages that the party goes on…..

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera

Does anyone knew these 2 hot girls? Their facebook? For those who knew them, can you post their link on the comment.


Saturday, 20 December, 2008

Twisties Blast @ D’ Warehouse Party

After works, around 6:00PM, I changed my T-shirt and drove to Sunway Pyramid. It started to rain heavily Sunway Parkingwhile on Kesas Highway. I reached Sunway Pyramid at 7:00PM. So many shoppers looking for car park so need to crawl bumper to bumper to find parking space. Finally I managed to get one 10 minutes later.  Before I walk away, I took out my camera to take a snap shoot of the location board so that I can find my car later on. Smile

As I walked around the shopping complex I decided to snap some Christmas tree pictures. Here are those pictures I took at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Eshan.

Stephen Hon

Satisfied with the photoSunway Hotels snapping, I have something to eat at McDonald. Later I went to the escalator that connected Sunway Pyramid car park with Sunway Lagoon. When I reached the security house, he said it is not this entrance. I should go to the main entrance opposite Sunway Pyramid. Without wasting time I walked there but when I reached there, the security guard said I should enter through the site near to Sunway University College. I asked if by walking it is near? He said I better drive there as it is quite far.

So I took out the car from the car park and drove to Sunway University but hesitation to turn in the junction made me missed it and finally I reached Sunway Hotel. As I saw the night scenery there was beautiful,  I  decided to park in the Hotel car park. Just like in Sunway Pyramid I decided to snap the parking location just before go to the man make lake to snap some pictures.

Sunway Hotel

Sunway Hotel

Sunway University CollegeSatisfied with the pretty pictures from the man made lakeside, I paid at the auto pay machine and drove to the Sunway Lagoon (Elephant Walk) for the 2nd round and I asked the policemen there if I can park my car and he said I need to park my car at Sunway University College open car park then walk there. Damn… since I already passed by the open car park, that mean I need to take another round.

And for the 3rd round, I drove in Sunway University College, parked my car and then walked to Sunway Lagoon. At the entrance I gave the event organiser the entrance ticket, he have my arm stamped and passed me a red wrist rubber ring. He asked me to wear it at my wrist and I walked down the slope and can hear loud music blasting out of the speakers. When I am inside, two Hot FM crew’s cars caught my attention so I decided to shoot it!

Hot FM

Live rock performance by local rock group

Twisties Blast @ D' Warehouse Party

Graffiti demonstration & extreme sport bike show

Acrobatic performance by 2 Chinese ladies & 1 male

Twisties Blast @ D' Warehouse Party

Professional Dancers Performing Stage Dance

Stephen Hon

Graffiti Artists With Their Creations

DJ Stella Nutella with her hot songs plus party people partying around

Stephen Hon

Before I leave the area, I asked a girl by the name of Helena, an event crew to take some photos of me. I left her a name card and asked if she is using facebook. She said yes and I asked to add me. Will she do that? Well just wait and see if she will add me. If she does mean that she don’t mind to be my friend. If she does not then it is clear that she does not interested to be my friend. No matter what her decision, who care?

I left that area around 11:25PM. Finally, do I enjoy this party? Well I did not have much fun but just enjoying taking pictures Wink Or else you won’t see this much pictures here right? Smile


Saturday, 22 November, 2008

Facebook Party

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Soho MapAfter bath, I online for a while to check out the map google for the exact location of SOHO KL. Quickly I have a simple sketch of the map so that it will serve as a guide for me when on the road. Then I got ready to go to the Facebook Party. Based on the map I have drawn, I drove to Mont Kiara. It seem quite easy to find. First I thought it is difficult. Smile I reached there around 9:00PM and parked my car in the car park.

Finally I am here at the SOHO KL for the first time! The place that have made many people talked about it recently. Have heard it many times during the “Switch To Digi Events” Well… when  I finally here… to me it is nothing really to shout about. Just another high class shopping mall with many clubbing bars & restaurants. I don’t seem to be very excited about it. Maybe because I am not “kaki clubbing” so I don’t feel this is really exciting places…. like many have talked about.

The Facebook party was held on the corridor of SOHO KL. Very small place. Yeah! The first Facebook party in Malaysia and the first time I joined.

Facebook Party

I walked around to get some pictures. Not many people there yet. It seem like lack of promotion. Many of my friends also not aware of it. No like exactly what the organiser shouting about.


“There is nothing better than the original”

Malaysia – Singapore – Indonesia – Thailand – Australia – NZ

Now you have the oppurtunity to invite your FACEBOOK friends that you have never met FACE2FACE to exclusive parties.

face2face offers exclusive venues, interactive games and activities, sponsored liquor and world class acts.

Malaysia’s first Party will be held at SOHO KL, Kuala Lumpur.

Facebook Party

Taken picture with one of the MWM booth’s model. Is she one of my facebook friend? Look familiar. Hmm… ? Is she is the one? If she is…. I did not realise it until I checked my facebook friends. So many friends cannot remember Wink

While busy taking picture, I saw a lady look quite familiar. Oh yes! She is one of my Friendster friend, Camelia. Since the party is quite boring we left around 10:30PM. We sat by the roadside in front of SOHO and we chat for about 1/2 hour before I send her back. Later we have supper at a mamak restaurant near her home. We chat until 12:50AM


A bit of her profile:

Camelia organised over 90 gatherings since 2006. Purpose of Gathering – make new friends, expand your friends networking, do networking… promote your company, increase your sales… make $$$… help to meet new clients… More friends, more merrier…… oh, we can make money together through connections, we can build networks…. share concepts and ideas…. we also meet new friends.

We talk investment overseas…
We talk mother’s experiences
We talk opportunities business online
We talk sponsorships
We talk licensing
We talk about government projects…. which…
We talk about jobs vacancy and recuritment
We talk MLM businesses
We talk creative ideas….
We talk about jobs…
We talk about politics
We talk about elections…. and money
We talk about oversea investment

For those who are interested to attend her gathering, click on her photo and read on the bulletin board posting for latest update. All gathering is free entry. You pay for your own meal & drink and don’t forget to bring your business / calling cards.


face2face – Facebook Party (Me & Tina)

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After work around 5:08 PM I have received SMS(s) from Tina. She have inquired me about the facebook party’s location for tonight. Due to laziness to type the SMS on my “lau ya” phone I decided to call her but her sweet voicebox answered me. Frown So now choice loh, like it or not have to replied her by SMS(s) too.

At a nearby mamak restaurant, I replied her that it will held at SOHO KL, Mont Kiara, 7:00PM – 4:00AM. She SMS back to inform me that she and her friends will go to Poppy so that mean will not join me. She asked who I going with. I told her that might be alone as I have called up Jester before but he said he need to work on Sunday. Joel & Daniel have not confirm. She said if going alone, better don’t go Smile

Then I jokingly SMS back to her, “Then you come along lo. Ha! Ha! Anyway I never been there. Want to take photos for my blog.” She replied back to ask me to enjoy myself tonight. I replied, “See how first. You also ya. Not so much alchohol, bad for health.


Thursday, 20 November, 2008

face2face – Facebook Party (SOHO KL – 22nd November, 2008)

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I received this update from face2face.


  • This is a street party at SOHO KL hosted by Shenanigans Ent and RAW Bar
  • Venue capacity can cater for all of you. There are no invite restrictions. Bring all of your friends and friends you haven’t met on facebook
  • THIS EVENT IS FREE ENTRY for facebook RSVP’s
  • There will be activities and games throughout the evening and a gift shop for your friends
  • 12 DJ’s inside and out along with food stalls and cocktail bars

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