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Wednesday, 30 September, 2009

Nicole Tan (Nicolekiss) Look For Blackberry Curve 8520

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As I read Nicole Tan’s blog (Nicolekiss) she have stated that she is looking for more information about the Blackberry Curve 8520 mobile phone.

[24th September, 2009] – she said “The day has come. Soon I will own my very own Blackberry. *BIG SMILE*” From the comments of her readers feedback, the price of the phone range from RM 699 – RM 1999.99! So which one is correct?

[27th September, 2009] – she said, “Anyway, I figured by now the price for Curve 8520 should be out two days ago, since I’ve been traveling for the past few days, I was wondering if anyone found out the price for the phone already. Ermm…

From her posts in facebook,

27th September, 2009 – “I miss having a blackberry. And I never own a blackberry before! Oh btw. Blackberry Curve 8520 has already been revealed two days ago! I’m in Cha-Am so I can’t keep track of it! Does anyone know what is the price for the New Blackberry Curve 8520 yet? I’m in Cha-Am, Thailand. Can’t wait to find out the price.

As her reader in The Star newspaper, her facebook, her blog (once a while) Wink  I decided to do her a  favour. I just try my best to find if I can help her with this information.  For days I have browsed through the newspaper, finally I managed to dig out this article. I took a snap shot of it. Back home, I uploaded to my facebook and tag her.

As I read the article, RM 699? Hmm.. consider cheap. I followed the link to Maxis website and I placed an online booking. Any other hidden charges by Maxis? I don’t know. After finished with the registration, a message displayed that Maxis will contact me when the phone is available.

Later while preparing this blog, I saw Nicole  online in facebook. Yes! She is back to Malaysia now but she did not mention anything about it. Didn’t she saw the picture I have uploaded?  I wondered… so I decided to chat her up.

4:13am Stephen: I have posted the blackberry information for you to take a look. With RM 699 you can get the phone now.
4:13am Nicole: O.. really. so cheap? How come?
4:13am Stephen: Look at the picture in your album. Information is there. So do you like the information? I have took days to find it…. finally I got this one. I don’t know if Maxis have any hidden thing behind? But I have made one reservation for myself.. ha! ha! Smile

She did not response. Frown Maybe busy updating her blogs of her recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Well… anyway, what important is, I finally finished blogging about this Blackberry Curve 8520 phone.

If you want to read about her interview with KOSMO! <= Click here.


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Monday, 11 May, 2009

Four Happy Seasons (Wangsa Maju)

Four Happy Seasons

Four Happy Seasons (4 Happy Seasons) is a cozy restaurant (restoran) located at Wangsa Maju. I have never dine here before. You may ask, then why do I blog about it?

The reason I blog about this restaurant is because each time users search for these keywords [four happy seasons restaurant wangsa maju] [Four happy seasons restaurant,wangsa maju, setapak] [four season cafe wangsa maju] [four season restaurant at wangsa maju] [four seasons kuala lumpur wangsa maju] [four seasons wangsa maju] [four seasons wangsamaju] through search engine, it never fail to list out my blog Wink As an appreciation I decided to go to this place to have some pictures taken from the outside today.

Four Happy Seasons

Four Happy Seasons

Another reason is for my own benefit as it indirectly will help to drive some traffics to my blogs when people searching for this restaurant Smile Maybe later I will add more photos when I decided to dine there. I have one suggestion. Any ladies out there who want to have lunch or dinner with me here? Send SMS or call me. My number is on the banana (Ha! Ha!) I will treat (belanja) you once and you treat back in return. If you think this is troublesome then we can order the amount of food we can eat later we share share the bill. By this way we can taste different types of meals here.

Any ladies I have in mind to have meal here? Well there are a few.

  1. Nicole Tan – famous blogger of nicolekiss. I have heard that she have back to Malaysia at the moment. I never meet her yet but have been chatting up with her at her facebook. She is the best friend of Caroline Fong, Goh Nai Hsing & Adelaine Chin. Her other blogs on [Boutique] [Diet] can be read here.
  2. Curry Egg – another famous blogger, my web friend on the facebook. Not meet her yet.
  3. Tina Fong – Caroline Fong’s sister. Have meet her quite frequently especially on Network J&J functions.

I don’t know if they interested to dine here or not but I will share with them this restaurant’s website soon. If have chance then you will see their photo here soon. If not I am waiting for any ladies out there to dine here with me.

I will not list the address and phone number of this restaurant because the restaurant’s boss did not pay me for the advertising. So why should I advertise for them? I believed it is not difficult to find other bloggers who  have talked about this restaurant. I noticed that some of them are willing to put in the address & phone number. As far as I knew, this restaurant do have it own website.


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