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Sunday, 8 May, 2011

Happy Mother Day

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Sunday, 1 May, 2011

Gifts For Mum

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Happy Labour Day to the all the people under the employment. Not forgetting, The Mother Day will be celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May every year. This year it will be on

8th May, 2011 Happy Mother Day!

If you are looking for great gifts for your mum, I have created a store below that you can search and browse of the favourite gifts you want to buy especially for her on the mother day.


Sunday, 10 May, 2009

To You Mum

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You’re really something, you know that?
I never knew that anyone could be
as capable and as great as you!
Of loving with the depth and caring that you do
That’s why it is with extreme shame
That I recall how I put you through before…..
Many times you held out your hand –
offered to go through all problems with me
But… But… I turned you down
critically and contemptuous
Guess that must have hurt you deeply
Yet always, you hid it,
and though crying and hurt inside
Your eyes would still shine with tenderness
and your sweet smile is always there.
I was really a fool, blind to something
really precious
When it stared me right in the face….
Any other, those lesser than you
with their insincere, affected love,
Would have made themselves scarce by then
But you stayed….
Then that very special day, I remember
When it seemed that my world
had crumbled down,
When no one was there to help,
you were there…
All my friends with their plastered
smiles and fancy words have gone now
but you were there, always there…..
In the midst of my loneliness I could
feel your love
Coursing like a gentle stream into my soul,
lifting and comforting me
and at long last, making me realise that
I really need and love you
And that’s why I say it now through
this column
and I’m shouting to this whole world that



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