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Sunday, 11 September, 2011

Mid-Autumn Raya Tanglung Festival 2011

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Pesta Tanglung anjuran KEADILAN Gopeng (Source:

11-09-2011(Ahad), 8:00pm, Padang Halaman Ampang Jaya, Simpang Pulai

Sambutan Hari Malaysia dan Pesta Tanglung Peringkat MBPJ (source: akan diadakan pada 11 September 2011 di Chempaka Buddhist Lodge, Jalan SS23/25, Taman Sea, Petaling Jaya



Wednesday, 22 September, 2010

Lucky Draw Hamper Unpacked

Back home I unpacked the hamper I have got from the lucky draw on Pesta Tang Lung, Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, Klang. It estimated about RM 20.00 worth of products. The hamper contain 1 1.5 L Lemon Sprite, 2 packets (5 Pek each)of Maggi 2 minute noodles, 2 can of Ayam Brand Tomato Sauce Baked Beans, 1 can of Rambutan Stuffed With Pineapple In Syrup, 1 packet of Kraft Tiger Biskuat Biscuits, 1 packet Julie’s Melodies Assorted Biscuits.


Pesta Tang Lung – Best Lantern Winners

The Best Tang Lung (Lantern) Winners

After witnessed the prize presentation of the best tang lung (lanterns) I went back home around 10:20PM


Pesta Tang Lung – Surprise Lucky Draw Winner

Lucky draw event was held when the people busy eating their foods. Some still que up to wait for their turn to get the foods. I was eating mine when I heard the organiser announced my name as one of the lucky winners, I was a bit shock and disbelieve. What a luck I have tonight! Yes Grin Luckily I did not give up finding this event location at the first place or else I have to go back home empty handed.

All my life I have been numerous lucky draws before. The prize I ever won can be count using the fingers of one of my hand. No more than that. I never expected I am one of the lucky winners. I quickly put down the plate of foods on the chair nearby and walked out to receive the hamper. The announcer read out the place I am from (Seremban) He said I came from far away. While shake hand with Charles Santiago, he have asked me if I am a registered voter. I told him yes. Big Smile



Pesta Tang Lung – The Foods

After the lion dance and Tang Lung (Lanterns) procession around the Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, Klang (town area) we need to que up to get the free foods. Due to many people attending this moon cakes festival, I have waited in the que for more than 15 minutes to get foods.

1st Round & 2nd Round Of Foods I have Taken

Food Caterer For The Event By Restoran Five Five Five


Pesta Tang Lung – The Procession Videos

Pesta Tang Lung (Lanterns) Mooncakes Mid-Autumn Festival

Jalan Batu Nilam 3, Bukit Tinggi, Klang, 8:00PM 22-09-2010



Pesta Tang Lung – The Procession


Pesta Tang Lung Mooncakes Festival

When I arrived at the event, it is already started for 20 minutes. I managed to listen to some of the speech made by Charles Santiago about the history of mooncakes. He said according to the legend, mooncakes was used to keep secret hidden message to be distributed to the public during Yuan Dynasty in China, ( you can read more the history of [Mooncake] ) but for tonight mooncakes festival he said that there is no hidden message. He have an open message for the member of public….. That is to vote BN out in next coming general election. Is this possible? Well…. If every registered voters in Malaysia perform their duty during the election day… everything is possible.

Other stories shared by the event organiser are the story of the 10 hot suns and how (Chang’e, Ch’ang-O or Chang-Ngo) float to the moon.  Read more on Moon Cake Festival [here]

Charles Santiago Member of Parliament for Klang, Vice Chairman of Selangor DAP with his opening speech.

Lucky Draw Hampers

The event organiser have announced that there will be lucky draws during the event. All we need to do is to register at the lucky draw counter. Well… since nothing to loose, I gave my IC for the lucky draw registration. While filling up the lucky draw coupon, I have noticed that the staff have wrote my name wrongly. I informed her about that…. scare that if I really have the luck in these draws, it may be rejected if need the IC for checking. She quickly corrected it for me.

Beside the lucky draw counter, there are a few more counters to register new voters by the Selangor DAP.

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