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Saturday, 2 April, 2011

Black Pepper Grilled Chicken Steak

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Nikon Runway Models Photo Contest

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera


Nikon Models Photo Contest Runway Show

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera


Thursday, 31 March, 2011

Nikon Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration Day 1

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2:00pm: Exhibition Hall Open To Public

6:30m – 7:00pm: Model Photo Shooting Contest

7:00pm – 9:00pm: Photography Talk By Manny Librodo (Philippines) “When Travel Meets Fashion


Saturday, 30 January, 2010

Mid Valley Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

It was 7:45PM. I decided to go back when I happened to notice this board near the stage. It is about the next event on 8:00PM, “Dragon Dance” It is 15 more minutes before the show. I moved up to 1st floor so that I may able to capture the event live from there.


Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decorations


Thursday, 6 August, 2009

Now What? Let Go Party…!

As soon I leave Canon HQ I have caught in minor traffic jam along the road from Airport to Federal Highway. The real nightmare began from  Guinness to Midvalley. It is 6:00PM that time. Crawling bumper to bumper, I think if that moment I release a turtle on the highway it can crawl faster than the traffic jam! Believe me! It took alomost 1 hour to pass by Midvalley, can you imagine?

By the moment I reached Changkat Bukit Bintang it is almost 7:20PM and the Malaysian Bloggers Evening party will start on 7:30PM Now where the heck is Envie Lounge Club? I drove along the Changkat Bukit Bintang looking left right and also cheeking out where have parking space. As I reached the end of the road, I found some empty open car park yet I still did not find the place, so I made an u-turn back and decided to check along the road one more time.

Then … after I passed by and when I look back….. on the left hand side I found the club! Damn! Now I have passed it by. No choice loh! I need to find a place to turn back. After u-turn, I have decided to park my car on the open car park and paid RM 5.00 for that. Definitely park by the roadside near the club is no.. no to me as I don’t want to risk my car being summon or worse being tow away by the Bandaraya or the police. Not worth it!


Monday, 4 May, 2009

Estée Lauder Model Search

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MidValley Parking I have learned about the Estée Lauder Model Search from the facebook events yesterday night when facebooking. It stated that the event will be taking place at MidValley Megamall this morning 10:00AM. Out of curiosity I intend to go there to see what it all about. Any leng lui or sexy women or not? Must go there to see MidValley Parkingfirst then only I know. Wink

I arrived there at 9.20AM After parked the car to the nearest main entrance I decided to take a picture of the parking ticket so that back home I can upload here. I also snapped down the parking location so that I did not forget where I have parked my car later on. I goes up the megamall and most shops have not yet open for business. What I saw is the workers of those shops busy getting things ready for the business of the day.

To look for the centre court, I walked around and finally I found it. Well the staff of Estée Lauder booth also busy getting thing ready. To get better picture of the booth I decided to move up another floor for these pictures.

Estée Lauder Model Search

Estée Lauder Model Search

When finally 10:00AM, I don’t see anything excited happening. All I can see was there are 2 ladies came forward to fill in the registration form and the staff started on them the basic make-up procedure. I wait until 10:30AM before finally I decided to go to other place. At the car I called up a long time friend, Mr. Tang. We have been long time never met. If not mistaken, the last time we see each other was on year 2000. That was 8+ years ago! Wow! Finally I realised how fast time flies.

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