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Sunday, 17 May, 2009

Lucky Palace Restaurant (好運大酒家)- Seremban 2 (Wedding Dinner)

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Around 6:00PM I was getting ready for the wedding dinner at Restoran Lucky Palace (好運大酒家) Seremban 2. This dinner was suppose to be attend by my mum but she asked me to go. It is her friend’s son (Mr. Tam) getting married.

Restoran Lucky Palace

Wedding Card

Lucky Palace Restaurant

When I reached there it began to drizzle. The drizzling with the sun light caused a beautiful rainbow being developed. Wow! That nice!

After giving away the “Ang Pau” I headed to the reserved table which is #24. No one have fill up the table yet. I am the first one there Wink So I can choose the best seat facing the stage. It is more easy for me to take photos and short video clips during the dinner.

Around 7:00PM, most people have filled up their seats. 8:00PM the foods still not yet serve. Everybody have waited for 1 1/2 hour and I am a bit hungry then. Luckily I have a plate of nasi lemak before I came here. Since nothing to do, I decided to snap some pictures.

Later when I sat down and wait for the dinner, I have been thinking. Hmm… when will be my turn to have this wedding dinner for my family, relatives and friends? When will I get married? Who is the woman who will be my wife?

Miss Wong & Mr. Tam Menu

These are the foods that I have during the wedding dinner.


Monday, 2 February, 2009

Dinner At Lucky Palace, Seremban 2

My uncle have advanced booking 2 tables for dinner at Restoran Lucky Palace (Restaurant Lucky Palace) Seremban 2. We (Mum & I) arrived at 7:00PM but we did not see anybody there yet. As we wait for a while, my uncle & aunt arrived. The waitress then lead up to a VVIP room. My uncle friends then arrived one by one. There is a Datuk (A MCA member) among us.

Before dinner, they all excited because they can karaoke. Me don’t know to sing just watched them loh. Frown When the dinner served I just busy snapping the dishes pictures Wink

Yee Sang

Yee Sang (Colourful Raw Fish)

Lucky Palace

What’s that on the ceiling?

As I am not a good drinker, half glass of Martell enough for me to feel like floating and dizzy. Wink  We left at 10:40pm, going back “High High” when reached home like “walking in the air” sat down relaxing and watching “Project A” (Jacky Chan) at TV3 then do some blogging before go to sleep.


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