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Friday, 13 February, 2009

Valentine Day Greetings & Songs

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I have created a Valentine Greeting page with some love songs specially for those love birds that will celebrate Valentine day on 14-02-2009. You can view and listen [here]

How about myself? Valentine to me is non of my business as I don’t have any girlfriends, a lover and no women want to celebrate with me… this mean no celebration for me, no candle light dinner, no movies and no love making night.

In fact around 2:00PM in the afternoon I need to be at Sri Petaling Hotel to attend Seminar (天龍八步) organised by Network J&J. To avoid unnecessarily traffic jam I should leave Wangsa Maju at 12:00PM, which also mean that I should wake up at 10:00AM to get ready.

I believe many leng lui will be attending this seminar too but do I have the chance to get to know any of them? Or any miracle thing happen? The seminar will be end at 11:00PM night! Well, it seem that I will be here the whole day "celebrating Valentine" with others! Smile

Be My Valentine

P/S Specially for Caroline. Though we are not lover, as a friend I will still wish that you find the one who will truly love you. Happy Valentine day.

Sweet Caroline
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