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Thursday, 25 June, 2009

The Death Of A King & An Angel

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Charlie's AngelsThe entertainment world suffered a double blow when it was reported that both pop giant Michael Jackson and 1970s TV star Farrah Fawcett had died in Los Angeles. Fawcett, 62, died on Thursday after suffering a long and public battle with anal cancer. Michael Jackson, dead at 50. “It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest in his home. However, the cause of his death is unknown until results of the autopsy are known,” his brother Jermaine Jackson said.

To me this was rather shocking & unbelievable news, 2 icons in one day? Do you believe that? How can this happened? As far as I aware of, it have never happen before!

Like it or not, that the fact everyone need to accept! The entertainment world lost a King Of Pop (Michael Jackson) and an Angel (Farrah Fawcett – as most people remembered her as one of the Charlie’s Angels in the 70s)

Talking about Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett, both of them have never ever been as my fans nor an idol. It just that, they both do have some minors impact on my life when I was young child and as a teenager.

What I like about Michael Jackson is the way he danced and some of his songs are my favourite. Smile To pay a tribute to him, I have compiled a list of his songs playlist and embedded in my blogs. You can listen it all [here]

The three Charlie’s Angels in the TV show are Farrah Fawcett (Back) (Left To Right) Kate Jackson & Jaclyn Smith.

Farrah Fawcett

In the 70s, I am aware of Farrah Fawcett existence as her face is frequently appeared in a very famous TV show called Charlie’s Angels. There reason I did not choose her as my favourite angels is because I like Jaclyn Smith much more than her. Sure! No one will deny that Farrah Fawcett is the hottest blonde sex symbols at that moment but why I like Jaclyn Smith? If you looked at the photo at the top right corner, Jaclyn Smith is much more cool and feminine and a woman like this will always be my favourite Wink

Talking about this “Who is your favourite?” I have some story to tell…. When I was young I used to live in a rubber estate. Being grown up in this environment, we never have electricity to our home so it will be common that non of the people there have television. Most of the time we will goes to bed earlier since nothing better to do at night.

Then came the new innovation that with a slight modification, the television can be operated by using car or lorry battery. When the battery  is drain out it need to be taken to the small town to be recharged back because the small town have the electricity to do this. Just because of this innovation, rubber estate people then can own TV and suddenly the quiet night became alive for those who can afford it.

As my family is not able to own a TV that moment, there are another neighbor of mine having the same fate. What we can do was grouping  up together, then we will seek the permission from the neighbor that have TV so we can watch it at their home. This is indeed a good news for us as young kids but there is a bad news too…. That is we need to walked about 2 1/2 miles from our home just to have the chance to watch TV.  Frown

5 of us (3 girls 2 boys) will never miss show like Charlie’s Angels, Combat, Six Million Dollars Man, Bionic Woman etc which are the hottest shows in the 70s. Each time after watching Charlie’s Angels we sure have argument. Reason… just because of this stupid “Who is your favourite?” question. 1 girl like Kate Jackson, 2 girls & 1 boy like Farrah Fawcett and I the only one who like Jaclyn Smith and sometime the other 4 kids ganged up together bullying me. How can? Where got fair? 4 against 1 woh… All this happened each time while we walked back home holding the candles light on our hand.

They said Jaclyn Smith too feminine and not suitable to be private investigator. They said Farrah Fawcett is hot and damn sexy. I will try to “protect” my favourite woman by saying that even if she is feminine she still can played some investigation role. Most of the time I am the “loser” as 4 kids teamed up “bullying” me. When they did that I will “fight” back by blowing off their candles light and shouted “Quai Ah!!” (Which mean “Ghost!”) and started to run. The girls got panic and scare too so all of us ran in the middle of the night! Left right are rubber trees and thanks God non of us ran into the trees even in the dark! Or else… don’t what will happen!

I have used the same method over and over many times when being “bullied” by them! Fed up of me scaring them, then one day one of the girls got smart that she brought along a torch light and since then “blowing  off” candles light and then run method is no longer valid. The torch light is using dry batteries, how to blow? Wink Recalled back all this now ,I laughed, I am smiling non stop while typing this. Later we all  have stopped doing these activities when our family able to have our own TV set.

What else did I know about Farrah Fawcett? As I watched the TV, there is another show that I liked which is called “Six Million Dollars Man” where the actor is Lee Majors. Then I have read from several magazine that his wife that moment was Farrah Fawcett. (Correct me if I am wrong) “Farrah Fawcett Majors” was the name I used to see later on for some years.

I remembered one of the hottest images of Farrah Fawcett that flashed over my mind is the picture taken by paparazzi when she came out of the car  did not wear any panty! 1 shot from far and another one close up shot of her private part. That pictures was featured in an adult magazine. The magazine was borrowed home by one of my room mates from his friend. That moment  (1984) I am studying at Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman (KTAR ) or  also known as Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC)

Being a teenager and as a guy at aged 18, I definitely got excited seeing those pictures especially I remembered that I have saw her as Charlie’s Angel during the 70s! Wow what a sight! Ha! Ha! You might said I am very “ham sap” Don’t  blame me… tell me which guy will ignored such magazine when it is right in front of your eyes?  Have you forget that there is a sentence called “Curiosity Killed The Cat?”  Yeah it indeed! The amazing thing is that images still fresh in my mind now. Well… today, she have passed away…. forgive me for letting out this ‘dirty little secret” Grin

Well…. I not going to put any nude pictures of her here as my blogs was hosted locally where the issue of nudity is very sensitive to some cultures and religions. If you want to look at her nude pictures, it can be easily find through google search engine. You can do the search by using the search box provided at the bottom of my blogs if you want. Keywords like [Farrah Fawcett no panty] [Farrah Fawcett upskirt] [Farrah Fawcett playboy] or what ever keywords you feel suitable about Farrah Fawcett. Warning: These keywords will lead you to adult images and if you are sensitive about nudity issues, don’t even bother to search.

If you like to view some of her pictures from 1947 to 2009 [Click Here] Others links also displayed her pictures. [Links] [Portraits] Since these are 3rd party web sites I don’t guarantee all will give you clean pictures Wink

Michael Jackson

When I studying in TARC or KTAR (1983) Michael Jackson have been great icon among our college mates. Since the show of MTV Thriller on local TV network, everybody was talking about his dance and movement in the movie. They impressed by his moon walking dance. I learned a step or two as that moment “break dance” was a hit in Malaysia. You can see that movement in most of the break dancers. I also followed some of his fashion trend. Black shoe, white stoking and the pant’s end never reached your shoes just for the sake of showing off the white stocking Wink

I remembered one uncle asked me, “Does your pant get shrinking while washing?” Ha! Ha! Laughingly I answered him, “No, Uncle. It is fashion nowadays!” He shake his head disbelieve. When I am in college I was away from my family and when I backed home, I remembered my mum asking me the same question. Ha! Ha! Older generation never know what in the mind of youngster. Luckily I did not turn myself into 100% Michael’s style. I just followed the pant, stocking and shoes. I wonder what people will say if I wear the hat together with the white gloves? Grin

Michael Jackson


Thursday, 3 August, 2006

Hacked Victim Made Final Phone Call To Dad, Then Died

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IPOH: In his last moments and bleeding profusely, 18-year-old college student Lee Khian Yip called his father and told him to be calm.

He then told his dad he had been hacked in the head and hands.

“I heard a commotion in the background and my son shouting ‘Please get someone to send me to the clinic, I can’t stand it anymore’ and then we were cut off,” said Lee Mook Kwai.

“Later, my wife made another call to my son and a nurse who picked up the phone said he has passed away,” said the 55-year-old retired manager.

Khian Yip, a first-year accountancy student at Tunku Abdul Rahman College (KTAR) in Kuala Lumpur was with a friend when two men on a motorcycle attacked him.

He and the other student had just finished their dinner at a food court in Jalan 27/27B in Wangsa Maju and were walking back to their hostel at TAR Villa when the assailants struck.

Khian Yip, a former student of the SMJK Sam Tet here and a KTAR scholar, was said to be a promising student and had scored 11As in the SPM examination.

His mother, Lim Lee Ling, 43, was clearly distraught. She cried hysterically as she made preparations for her son’s wake at their home in Taman Cahaya Tasek here.

Khian Yip will be cremated at the Kek Lok Si Crematorium in Bercham here tomorrow.

In Kuala Lumpur, Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Rodzi Ismail said police have classified the case as murder and were hunting down the killers said to be in their 20s.

(Extracted from 31st July, 2006)


Second Student Slashed In Robbery

Phang Kar Wei
KTAR student Phang Kar Wei, 23, at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital here yesterday. Phang was slashed three times and assaulted by snatch thieves in the incident in Taman Melati last Saturday.

KUALA LUMPUR: A second Tunku Abdul Rahman College (KTAR) student fell victim to robbres just minutes after first-year accountancy student Lee Khian Yip was hacked to death in Wangsa Maju here on Saturday.

Phang Kar Wei, 23, was repeatedly assaulted and slashed three times on his hands and neck by two men on a motorcycle at 8.45pm in Taman Melati, some 2km from Wangsa Maju.

Police believe the same robbers were behind both incidents.

Met at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday, Phang said he was walking back to his condominium from the Taman Melati LRT station about 1km away when he saw two men, aged between 18 and 20, standing beside a motorcycle.

“When I walked past them, one of them asked me for directions to get to Kelana Jaya but I said I was not sure and kept on walking.

“His friend then asked me if he could borrow my handphone to make a call as his pre-paid credit was used up.”

Phang said he ignored him. The Information System Engineering student from Kampar said both the men followed and cornered him.

Phang Kar Wei
GOING INTO DETAILS: Phang relating his ordeal to Yew at Kuala Lumpur Hospital yesterday.

“One held me while the other threatened me with a parang. When I refused to hand over my money, he slashed my neck, took my RM1,000 laptop and the RM2 in my wallet.”

Phang managed to run away but the men caught up with him on their motorcycle.

“They slashed me again and repeatedly assaulted me,” he said.

Wangsa Maju MP Yew Teong Look said the area was prone to crime and hoped the authorities would ensure the situation did not get worse.

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Rodzi Ismail said police set up a task force on Saturday to hunt down the suspects and urged the public to help them in nabbing those responsible.

“We believe the two could have been involved in more cases in the district and in the Klang Valley,” he said.

On Saturday, 18-year-old Lee Khian Yip was walking back to his hostel at TAR Villa when the assailants struck at 8.30pm.

Despite bleeding profusely, he called his retired manager father Lee Mook Kwai, 55, from his handphone and told him that he had been slashed.

Khian Yip was a promising student and had scored 11As in his SPM (Extracted from 1st, August, 2006)

My Comments

When I came across these news, I have a shock, really shocked as I just stayed quite near to the areas. I am sure that when everyone read these news, first question will come to their mind … What have happened to our securities today?

One thing I cannot figure out is …. during day time, I used to see police patrol cars in these area, not once but many times. And now what make me wonder is …. Why the crimes still happened here? Is this the ignorance of the public or the police? (Read the acticle below, the one that have be highlighted in blue) The thieves &  robbers have became more alerts than the police? Or the police have been busy “doing” other thing?

KUALA LUMPUR: An open forum held at the college yesterday to discuss the recent spate of violent crimes against students.

Students and residents took the Setapak and Wangsa Maju police to task for various issues.

Sombre Mood
SOMBRE MOOD: Students, residents and others who attended the open forum at KTAR observing a moment of silence for Khian Yip who was hacked to death on Saturday by robbers.

One student, who only identified herself as HP, said security within the neighbourhood had “gone from bad to worse”, adding that snatch thefts and robberies were now normal occurrences.

“There are as many as two to three such incidents every week but when the victims go to the police station to make a report, they are discouraged from doing so,” she said.

“They are told that the incident was a result of their own carelessness and that they shouldn’t trouble the police with ‘small things’ like that.”

Wangsa Maju Section 2 Residents’ Association representative Lim Cheng Hock said the usual excuse given by police every time somebody tried to make a report was that they were understaffed.

“We don’t want any more lame excuses like this,” he said to thunderous applause from the crowd in the college hall.

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said every police station has to accept any report made.

“If you encounter any police personnel who give you nonsensical answers, you can either inform me or the district police chief,” he added.

“Give us the date, the name of the person as well as his or her police ID number and we will take action.”

Sentul OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Rodzi Ismail said anyone unhappy with services provided by police personnel could lodge a complaint with details of the alleged incident. (Extracted from 2nd August, 2006)

My Comment

I believed that, those have ever made police reports before may not find the written article above a strange thing.


Thursday, 27 September, 1984

Sharon Chong MF (27-09-1984) Letters

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SharonI received this letters from Sharon today. Quickly I opened it and read. All together 4 pages. Here is the mails content Wink [REF:302JLNH2MELAWATI]

27th September, 1984

Dearest Stephen,

Hello there! Sorry for the late reply. Rather lazy, you know. I just don’t know why, this few weeks, I seem to be rather lazy to do anything. I wanted to do what I want to do but when I get to it, I feel ugh…. lazylah. But anyway, there you are, reading my letter now.

Well, I should say “Thank you” to your family for saying that I’m rather cute but they are wrong as I’m not that type of plump, tie 2 pig-tails and… you know those cute girls lah. Maybe they say I’m tall, I’ll still admit it but I want to be taller, say 5 feet 6 in – is that too tall for me? But not as tall as the girl “Ko Koh Yan” in the movie “Happy Ghost”. Did you see the show? Well, that’s another movie coming up – “Double Trouble” I wonder when am I going to see it. Maybe, coming Monday.

Yesterday, Shee Keong came to my house (Muharram) and we thought of going for a show but then we didn’t go. Please don’t misunderstand. It’s not only me & him but also my sisters. He did called you along but you were not in. Actually I want to go to Genting with my parents but then my sister said go there doing nothing and rather lazy too. So only my parents went.

So we stayed at home – chit chat & went shopping for a while lah. Then Shee Keong left at 5.00PM ‘cos he got an appointment with Francis. I think they’re meeting Francis’s girlfriend, the one who is said to be going to Japan. You know who? Actually, is she or is Francis like each other? Oh no, I shouldn’t ask you. You don’t even know right? But yes or no, it has nothing to do with me. I just want to know if she is my 4th brother’s girlfriend Wink As I know, all you five lucky stars seems to be trying & busying with girlfriends. You see after our exam, I heard about you & the library supervisor, Chong & Lip Thye or the one he met in college, Francis… I don’t know who lah, Cheok don’t know yet, Shee Keong – 14 wifes (not sure) … oh no more. Hey, don’t take this seriously, you know. I was just joking with you.

Alright, enough of this girlfriend’s stuff. Let go back to your letter. Hmm…. let me see if there’s anything I got to reply. Hmm.. mm.. yes, here it is: Although, you think that you are brave enough to approach girl but I do not think so. You see, Chong and Cheok have changed a lot. They’re beginning to talk more, to have more idea. I can see the difference. But everyone said that everybody have changed after our course (that includes me, but I don’t see any change in me) except you. You’re still the same old quiet Stephen. Everyone said, no one can make you more talkative (don’t mind eh!) Maybe only one person, that is … not me this time but the library supervisor… Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey! Actually what’s her name, hah? Don’t mind telling me?

Actually, being a good & quiet boy doesn’t mean no good. I like quiet boys, you know but not those dumb one lah. Those who know when is the right time to talk & when not, right? I know you will change when you start working. Everybody is like that. Even me, I can’t said I didn’t change in 2 or 3 years time, right?

Now, thanks for reminding me something. You know what is it? It’s about the Valentine Card. I’ve wanted to thank you so long ago but I keep forgetting. Old already (remember… you saying that I got white hair?) Have to get rid of it. Must think lesser. You know something… few days before Valentine’s, I received your card. I was surprised & shock but glad to receive it because never in my life have I ever received such card. So, what I do is…. I immediately open the card to see who is it. Unfortunately I don’t know who as it was not stated (the name) So I said to myself… Who is the one? I kept asking myself. I try to recognise the writing but you were intelligent. You even change your handwriting! Of course I’m not going to tell you who are the one I guess. But I do guess it was you too. And on the other hand, no.

The next day after which I received the card, at college, I try to see whether you give any reaction…. I mean asking me if I received your card or…. etc. But no. And it took me more than 2 weeks to find out exactly that it was you. You know how I got to know? Well, from the address you wrote. Only you write “Taman Salak South” so I guess it was you. I wanted to thank you & ask if you’re the one who send it but I’m afraid I might go to the wrong person.

And every time, when I reply your letter, I forget. Anyway, thanks for the card. So you want to see whether the theory in the newspaper is correct? I’m sorry I don’t know anything about it. Do you mind telling me? Thanks.

Well, you should thank Shee Keong too as he had helped you to get to know “Library Supervisor”. Not bad ah! See, don’t have to worry you can’t get any girlfriends. Actually, although you look quiet but the way you dress didn’t tell it. Honestly tell you, I like the way you dress. At least you are keeping with the up-to-date one. I am not saying that other ‘stars’ are wearing old-fashion clothes but some people have different ways of dressing and they all are neat and suitable for them. My mum used to say that you all are well-mannered, polite & nice guys to be friend with. Really. I’ve never have friends so great as you all. I really appreciated our friendship. So Stephen… Thanks for being my best friend.

Once again, thanks for all your presents for my birthday. The card, the flower, tables & chairs & the scroll… it’s beautiful. Why do you have to waste so much money? It’s not a grand birthday party, indeed.

I’m sorry for having taken your song books for more than a year. But it’s still in a good condition, right? Well, any damaged to the book? Hope no.

Thanks for telling me about the news in the New Thrill. I really don’t know anything about it. I thought you were asking me whether that song is nice. But at least, we know the song. Better than the other two, right? Actually, I’ve written in for quite a long time, the song appeared but not the dedication. Do you buy New Thrill always? Or you just buy it if there’s any nice songs? You see, most of us didn’t buy New Thrill therefore none of us knew. I bought it already.

Well, do you have lyrics for any new song? What about “Break My Stride” ? If you have, can you give me? Regarding about the lyrics for the song you want, can I send it to you later? Because right now, I’m little bit lazy to copy. Okay!

I think I got to end here now. Oh! One more thing. Cheok called me and told me he’s going to Ipoh again on 1st of October & will be back in 2 weeks time. He asked me to tell you. Alright, I write more in my next letter, okay. All the best. Bye!

M. Fui


Saturday, 1 September, 1984

Sharon Chong MF (01-09-1984) Birthday Invitation Card

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Thursday, 7 June, 1984

Mayana (07-06-1984) – Birthday Card Just For You

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Inside the room 2, I saw you walking around to look for somebody. Shee Keong noticed you too and he told me. I’m so happy to see you again! These few days I been looking around for you but I just couldn’t find you. This is because I want to give the birthday card by today. [Your birthday fall on 8th June (1965) Chinese Lunar Calendar, Snake]

When you walked toward my direction, I quickly took out the card from my bag and gave it to you. You are quite shocked and stunned when I gave you the card so sudden. Your face turned pale and then you blush. (It is quite funny to see you in that way.)

You gave me a smile and said thank and then you left the room. Well, this the first time I gave a birthday card to the person I like in a crowded room watched by hundred eyes!

When my friends and I goes for lunch, I saw you again outside the reading room.You are chit chatting with a friend. On the way to TBR (Taman Bunga Raya) Chong & Shee Keong began to tease me again. I acted as normal cos I ‘get use’ to it already even though I can feel the heat burning from my body!


Thursday, 31 May, 1984

Mayana (31-05-1984) – I Planned This Purposely

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Shee Keong told me that he have seen you outside the reading room. I followed him out and saw you chit-chat with a guy and you didn’t notice me. I talked to him about today’s plan. Moment later Chong joined in. We then went back to the reading room again. (You were still outside)

A while later you came in and took the record book with you and went out again. (If I’m not mistaken you must goes to room 2.) Within 5 minutes you came in the room again and this time you saw me, you smile.

You just seat beside me. (Actually I purposely planned this out. Early in the morning I booked the place so that I will be near to you cos I did knew exactly the time and the day of your duty. Well, it worked out perfectly!) You asked me whether I signed the attendance book or not. I said yes and then  I told you that the book have been passed wrongly by the middle row students. That why it came back to your place so fast.

“No wonder there are so few students signed on it” I heard you saying this. (At that time the room almost full!) My friends then asked me out of the room to discuss about tomorrow’s plan. A few minute later I back to my seat again while they are leaving.

When I just sat down, you asked permission from me to meet the other supervisor at the end of the corner. You said that want to tell him about the attendance record. I ‘agreed’ and wonder why you should ask the permission from me where else I haven’t be your ‘special boy friend’ yet. I just can’t figure out why!

During the dinner time I try to ask you out for dinner but you gave the reason that you don’t normally eat your dinner. So….. I got to go alone. I just so Frown You left the room at 6:45PM and goes to room 2 cos your duty is on 4:00PM – 7:00PM.


Tuesday, 29 May, 1984

Mayana (29-05-1984) – Our First Breakfast

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10:15AM I met you at the cafetaria in Block L. You are buying your breakfast. I move closer to you and said “Hello!” You gave me the same sweet smile as I saw yesterday night.

Then I saw you moved over a table and sat down. Later when my sandwich is ready I came to your place and asked permission to join in. “May I Join you?” You smile and gave me a nod.

First I thought that you were alone but then I saw your friend coming toward the table. When she saw us, she being so ‘understanding’ and leave us alone. She moved toward another place. And I can said that she actually ‘give a golden opportunity’ ( Thanks a lot to your friend! Wink ) Of course I did not miss the chance so I chit chat with you.

I came to know your hometown Bahau, Negeri Sembilan, your birthday (3 days after Agong Birthday) your dialect (Hakka) religious (Buddhist) and etc.

Each time I talked with you, I just can’t stop admiring you. You are not just pretty but you do have a pair of beautiful eyes, nice face figure (oval shape) feminine, attractive and friendly! [You are much more prettier than the first person I ever like, Sharon]

After chit-chatting with me for more than half an hour you asked permission to leave because you want to continue with your revision. I watched you go and finished my breakfast. Then I went back to the reading room again.

Chong indirectly knew that I’ve taken my breakfast with you because all the while I haven’t take half an hour for it! And at the same time Shee Keong began with his teasing again.

Night…. When I back to Taman Melawati, Hulu Kelang, Selangor I told my room-mates how I came to know you when they mentioned a Library Supervisor. Of course again nobody trust me cos the moment I stayed with them I have shown to them the true character of me. Being alone, didn’t like to mix around, serious etc.

If I’m not mistaken the person they mentioned must be your friend cos I heard that she is from Bahau too! Beside that they also mentioned about you cos from the descriptions I knew that it is you especially with this remark. “She has a beautiful friend too which is also a supervisor. The friend of her is a little bit darker than typical chinese girls. She seem like an Indian or Malay.”

Well, it is true about you. They then asked me which Library Supervisor I’m talking about. Come to my reply, “Well the one you mentioned just now, the most beautiful one, a bit darker and seem like a Malay or Indian.” One of them by name of Yong enquired, “You mean Mey Fah?” I said yes and wonder how he came to know your name. It’s seem like you have a lot of secret admirer too! Wink

One thing for sure is they are surprised, really surprised when I said that you are my new friend. They even teased me, “HA! HA! Mey Fah is your friend? You thought that I’m small kid and tried to bluff me? Do you know there is quite a number of your college-mates including me like to get to know her and didn’t even succeed? Just to say you?

But a message proof everything. I shown them them the message. Its a duplicate message I have given to you and is written something like this:-

Dear Miss,

Hope you don’t mind about this. Don’t be shy, be steady, be silent. Miss, maybe we can be friends? To turn me down would make me sad.  To accept me as your friend would me glad. You need not explain or promise…… All you need is just give me a smile Smile Thank you.

P/S My intention is clean and sincere.”


When they saw this they began to believe me but not 100% Well, anyway at least I’m proud of myself. Why not? As many guys like to get know you not succeed, but I did it!


Monday, 28 May, 1984

Mayana (28-05-1984) – I Made Decision To Go For It!

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4:30PM You came in the reading room 1, you looked  very innocent and just like a young pretty little girl today. ( You wear a light yellow skirt with small red flowers on it. The collar and the sleeves of your shirt is in white colour )

As usual I sat on the same old place, the moment I saw you my heartbeat increased. It’s beat more faster as you walked nearer. When you sat down I nearly stop breathing!

I have this kind of feeling because I decided earlier no matter where I see you, I will give you the note! I can’t stand on missing the opportunity anymore. Proverb said, “When opportunity came knocking on the door you must grab it or else it will pass by and never will be returned” So this is what I going to do!!

When Chong saw you on duty again, he mentioned something about you to Shee Keong. Shee Keong kept his eyes on you and he also agreed that you’re very nice, beautiful and attractive! Chong also let Shee Keong knew that you are the one I tried to befriend this few days!!

And at the same time they seem like knowing of what I thought and began to tease me. I just can’t stop cursing and I swear I won’t let them know any my secret the next time.

Well, they pretty sure that you won’t accept me as your friend because I am serious type, not friendly enough and not talkative. I knew clearly what they mean because I knew myself well.

Anyway I didn’t take them seriously, my idea is that “You should try before you said can’t!” and I replied to their teasing, sound challenging, “Well you just wait for my good news. I will let you know tomorrow.” And out they goes.  ( I turned back and noticed that you are not there anymore)

A few minutes later I saw my friends went in the room again. They wish me good luck and said that they are ready to hear from me the next day. To add more ‘taste’ to their game they even helped me to modify the message so that it sound good. What good friends I have!! Wink

Before they left, they told me that you are just outside of the room. Just to see you I followed them out. I noticed that you are talking with a boy. While keeping my eyes on you I also purposely chit chat with my friends.

After a while I went back to the room again and continue revision. Then all a sudden somebody handed me the attendance book, I looked up and it is you! (I wonder when you came in) I took the book and at the same time I thought of giving you the note but I just don’t have the courage to do so!!

When the last person in my row have signed the attendance book and he returned it to you. You took it and walked out of the room. A moment later I followed from behind and noticed that you’re in room 2. I waited for you to come out but you kept on chit-chat with your friends (the other supervisors)

Back to room 1 and continue revision but there is ‘something’ disturbing my mind. I felt uneasy and can’t concentrate at what I read. All I see was emptiness. I guessed there is something to do with you. After second thought I quickly goes out the room again hopefully I will ‘bump’ in you but to my disappointment you still inside the room.

This time I saw you revision there. I still waiting for you to come out. 5… 10…. 15…. 20…. 25…. minutes passed by….. I loose my patience and back I went in the room 1 again. I wondering why you revision there instead of in this room. So far as I concern all your books and belonging are here in Room 1. It seem that you sensed my plan and you really made me ‘pay’ for this!

Normally you will quickly come back to your seat again once you have passed the attendance book to room 2. (This is what I noticed these few days) But this time it’s almost 6:30PM. With ‘frustration’ and stomach empty, I just left the note on your place and went out for dinner……..

Half way through the staircase, I made an ‘U-Turn’ back to the room again cos I afraid that somebody might seen it and throw it away, then the note may not reach you and I will totally missed the chance of knowing you. Beside that if the person who read it happen to be you I will also miss to see your reaction too! So I decided to stay anyway.

Well I did took back the note and add in a few words “From… The guy sitting behind” then I put it nicely back to your place again and wait patiently for the moment to come.

At last the long waited moment came! You came in the room around 6:35PM. You saw the message, took it and read it! And at the same moment my heart missed a few beats!! When you finished I can feel that you did turn back and looked at my direction (even though I didn’t look at you the time)

All of  a sudden you grabbed the note and quickly walked out of the room without turning back. Did I scared you? And I began to panic! Suddenly the fear began to ‘haunt me’ I damn scared. I thought you are going to report this to the Head Supervisor. I kept hoping and praying that you didn’t do this.

“Well, I have playing with matches and the little spark has turned into fire. And now it is really burning!! I definitely won’t be allowed to use this reading room anymore!” This is the first thing I thought.

I try to keep my head as low as possible. Without turning back, (by hearing) I knew you came in the room again but this time you are not alone! I felt that you are talking with somebody else and then left.  Whether it is real or just an imagination, I didn’t know as I dare not to turn back!!

At the same time I sensed that the other students also kept their eyes on me. Its seem like the whole room (students) are staring at me!! It feel so terrible and uncomfortable. I quickly packed my books and went out of the room…. but lady luck is with me today!

When I opened the door, to my surprise…. I really can’t believe my eyes and myself. I thought I am dreaming but of course it is not. It is is reality and it did happened right in front of my eyes!!

All I saw was you [ with a smiling face like this -> Smile ] I Knew I own you an apology. I said sorry for what I did. You smiled again and said that you didn’t mind. “I can be your friend” was the next words I heard from  you. You introduce yourself and gave me a warm firmly hand shake. (This the moment we became a friend!)

[I’m still in state of ‘confusion’. To believe or not to believe. “Is she the one who is talking with me now? Does this really happen?” I tried to find an answer for this. Well, well Stephen you are not dreaming, the most beautiful Library Supervisor is now your friend  and she right in front of you!]

Then you introduced your friend to me as Miss Oh. I told you how I feel when you grabbed the message and walked out of the room. All you do is… well, you just standing there laughing and smiling. The way you smile… oh how sweet and attractive you are!

After chit-chatting for 5 minutes, I said good-bye and I left the building as one of the most happiest person in the world that night. I’m so happy and pleased with myself because….. I came to know you at last!! It can be said that I’m one of the lucky guy too!

The next thing I did was to call Shee Keong from A Block (Administration Block) and told him of that ‘fantastic good news’. Of course he did not trust me, he thought I’m joking but as I continued with my story, he began to believe it. He congratulated me and praise me ‘cos he never expect me to success with this game. He even laughed at what I have done. Well, what a day and another experience for me.

After taking dinner I joined them for movie. During supper, Shee Keong blurted out what I did this evening. The rest of my gangs surprised to hear it too! They too didn’t expect me dare to do this! An achievement for myself yeah?

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