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Thursday, 9 September, 2010

Back To Kuala Lumpur

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I am going back to Kuala Lumpur (KL) from Seremban around 4:00PM. The journey back is very smooth as most people are heading south to go back to their hometown for Hari Raya (tomorrow) I noticed that on the other side of Seremban – Kuala Lumpur Highway, the traffic began to move slow and at some place bumper to bumper crawl have began. I reached Wangsa Maju at 5:20PM.


Saturday, 30 January, 2010

Mid Valley Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

It was 7:45PM. I decided to go back when I happened to notice this board near the stage. It is about the next event on 8:00PM, “Dragon Dance” It is 15 more minutes before the show. I moved up to 1st floor so that I may able to capture the event live from there.


Mid Valley Chinese New Year Decorations


Wednesday, 18 July, 2007

Preview Of Feng Shui Tour With Master David Koh

Media members got a sneak peek of the upcoming Feng Shui Tour, organised by the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences (MINGS). Based on the theme “Modern Living, Ancient Concepts,” the tour aims to change perceptions of feng shui.


KL Central Park

Kuala Lumpur will have its on Central Park soon. The park would be the largest in the country and it would not only aspire to change the ‘concrete jungle’ image of Kuala Lumpur but also cater to the lifestyle trends of its surrounding residents


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