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Friday, 5 November, 2010

Stupid Spammer Spam Every Minutes

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There are some stupid spammer out there spamming my blogs with comments every minutes since morning (3.37AM) till now (1.31PM) and I have 727 comments waiting for me to approve.

After went through all the comments, I approved some, trash out some and put some of  it to “Deny IP Address” and black listed them once and for all.

Those I have approved, met these criteria.

  1. Said positive and good things about my blogs (Thanks for that)
  2. Have bookmarked my blogs
  3. Have subscribed to my RSS Feed
  4. Appreciated and thankful for my posts

Those I thrash out & black listed are:

  1. Out of topic comments
  2. Full of rubbish links
  3. Porn or adult web site advertisement. (Well… This is not an adult site, right?)
  4. Casino and gaming web site.
  5. Posting same comments under same topic.
  6. Expected me to solve their browser and feed problem. (All these can be solve easily if they really put in some effort to find help through search engine and they expected me to solve the problem for them. What a shame!)
  7. Asking me stupid questions all over again.
  • Can I reference part of this on my site if I post a link back to this web page? (Answer: Yes, you can. What ever contents and graphics from this blog that you have used, just put a back link back to where you get it from. All I want was the diversify traffic from your web site or blogs)
  • Do you tweet? (Answer: Yes, I am. If you want to follow me, [Just click])
  • Do you have RSS Feed for me to subscribed? (Answer: Here is the [Feed]

Yahoo! Finally I managed to stop this idiot spammer. The last post was posted at 1.35PM Yes Heart

Damn! The comments have stopped showing at my blogs but now I still saw it passing through my Blackberry Phone! WTF!


Friday, 17 April, 2009

Makanan Untuk Lelaki

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I found this leaflet on my car windsreen. I will not tell the product name as they did not pay me for the advertising so no point to mention the products name here. Wink The leaflet said

Makanan Untuk Lelaki adalah produk buatan 100% ramuan tumbuhan yang tulen untuk membolehkan anda mengalami kesan yang 100% semulajadi tanpa sebarang kesan sampingan dan ketagihan.

  • Bekesan dalam MASA YANG SINGKAT
  • Meningkatkan KEYAKINAN KELAKIAN anda
  • Meningkatkan DAYA KAWALAN lelaki

Dikelaskan sebagai makanan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. * Wakil pengedar dikehendaki. PENGHANTARAN PERCUMA.

Nama Pengedar + No. Talipon Bimbit

Can be trusted or not? Sure can work ah? If after I taken, it work, where do I put IN? I don’t have girl friends, lovers or a wife to test it out, how effective is it Smile So what did I did to the ads? I kept the dealer phone number but put the ads in recycle bag to be sell to recycler.


Friday, 13 February, 2009

Selling Off Some Junks

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JunksThere are a number of junks I have kept for many years and now it is time to sell it off as I no longer need it. If I don’t disposed it off, it will definitely occupied some unnecessarily space. Around 6:00PM I brought these items to a second hand shop at Taman Melawati and the staff gave me RM 15 for these.

First he said he will take the saw for RM 10 and asked me to take back the CD tower case and the gardening scissor. What la this guy….  I want to sell it off he asked me to bring it back. Frown He said he don’t need the CD case and the scissor is already rusty. I said can use sand paper to clean it and then he can sell like new. And he said nobody will want to buy the CD case. I told him that I took back those 2 items also no use. Then he offered me RM 2 to take the scissor. I asked for RM 20 for all these but he only willing to pay me RM 15. Aiya RM 15 also RM 15 lah… I took it anyway, instead of putting at home to collect dust. Smile

Actually I still need the CD tower case but the back of it began to fall out pieces by pieces so I need to get rid of it as soon as possible. If not it might not even cost RM 1. Ha! Ha!


Monday, 8 September, 2008

Think Before You Throw – Lets Recycle 08092008

Time 3:20PM – I was at recycle centre, Wangsa Maju (just behind Carrefour) to sell of some junks as I going to shift down stair soon. There are a lot of junks that have been kept for years and no longer needed. Among them are old newspaper, cardboard boxes and mixed plastic bottles. All these junks total up to 12.9 kg! Walau eh! When I  never thought of shifting, I  never know how much useless junks I have accumulated over the years.

Sometimes when I thought I needed it and treated those junks like priceless items. But then when I decided to sold it, I only have RM 3.79 cash back. What a joke!

Well… Who said that I did not help to protect the earth and save the environment? I do recycling, right? How about you? Wink


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