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Sunday, 11 April, 2010

ICS – Soft Shell Crabs

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This crab is so strong and solid when its outer shell is hard. The claws can even break a plastic pen and make a hole on PVC pipe when it snap on it. Normal habitat of crab is…. it will leave it original shell within 60 days to grow 2 to 3x of it original size. During this time 100 % of it body is soft. High technology allow it to be freeze to produce Soft Shell Crabs and you can eat it 100% (meat + shell) without the need to throw away the harden shell. It it such a waste as you bought it expensively in kilos but you just manage to eat about only 40% of the crabs. Does it sound good if you can eat it all? Smile

Soft Shell Crabs. How it was produce? It need to be freeze to maintain it softness. If not, the shell will automatically became hard again after 4 hours.

Investors who are interested to know more about this Agrotech can

SMS <ICS Crab> to 0122406338


ICS Crab Condominium

According to the farm manager, soon this lake will be use to breed small crabs before it is transfer to the “crab condominium” for fattening process. Currently the crab seeds was imported from Thailand.

For those who are interested to tour the farm, you may contact me for arrangement. Investors that are interested in Agro-tech Crab Farming are welcome for further preview and discussion.

SMS <ICS Crab> To 0122406338


Integrated Crab System – ICS

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About 10 minutes of travel from Sungai Pelek, we reached the crabs farming area at 11:10AM.  After parking the car properly by the road side, we walked to the farming areas. The farm manager explained to us that :-

Integrated Crab System (ICS)  is an innovative and cost effective crab farming approach to ensuring better survival rate for crab fries from growth to marketable size. Uses the Closed System approach crab fry of approximately 180-250 grammes are placed in individual compartments comprising 280 units resembling letterboxes. Crabs usually change their shells every 60 days. Via the ICS, the crabs will weigh approx. 270-375 grammes after 60 days. Ideally, a harvested soft-shell crab will weigh approx. 400-500 grammes in the fattening process. The harvested crab must be caught and freezed within 6 hours to produce soft shell crabs.

Crab Will Change It Shell Every 60 Days


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