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Tuesday, 21 September, 2010

Time To Use More Flash Drive

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After the unpleasant experience I have recently when I “not purposely wipe out” my own 500+ GB Hard Drive while using registry cleaner software  to cleaning up unwanted registry, I think it is time for me to use flash drive (thumb drive / USB drive or whatever name) more frequently to store  the data instead of using hard disc.

This Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB 2.0 Flash Drive 4GB is ideal for video (MP3) It is a premium storage in a capless design. I have got it for free when I redeemed the points accumulated from my RHB credit card. I have kept it on the table to collect dust for months. If not mistaken I have this drive since January 2010.

Advantages (or disadvantages) of USB Thumb Drive

  • Compact, easy to carry (easy to misplace and easy to lost it as well) Grin
  • Backing up to computer or other storage is fast and easy. Not time consuming. We can do it every time before we off the computer.
  • When we have run out of storage space, it reminded us that it is time to do transfer or burning it to CDs or DVDs. Just in case we have lost this little wonder, we don’t loose everything. Yes

It advantages (also mean it disadvantages) of using hard drive

  1. Technology advancement have the capabilities to develop more compact hard drive from the smallest 10GB to the largest storage. That mean it open up even more data will be lost when the drive is lost or crashed.
  2. People using hard drive seldom doing additional back up copies as most of us like to take thing for granted. Reason – to do another back up or burning it to CD or DVD will take damn hell long of time and it is damn boring process. This is true. Yawn when most of us will say, “may be we can do it tomorrow” and these days passed until finally unwanted incident happened. If can recover then it better than nothing. If can’t then how? What we have done, the effort, time we have spent over the years and the most important thing is the priceless data will be gone forever. No
  3. Yes it is true that using hard drive may allow data to be find more easily if compare with storing to CD or DVD but once it malfunction you want to find also cannot. With the CD or DVD it is still there though it need time to go through the CDs, DVDs one by one.

My advise is don’t leave home without a thumb drive. Use your hard drive only as a back up storage and not as part of the day to day tool. Frequently spinning of the hard drive or over heated it will “kill” the drive soon or later. Storing data in a piece of plastic (CD or DVD) is not 100% perfect but it is still the best storage of all. The lost of data in hard disc mean you lost everything. The scratches in one or two CD or DVD mean you only lost something. To prevent this you can burn more than 1 CD or DVD of the same piece (same contents)

I hope by changing the way of doing thing will not give me headache and unnecessarily problems later.


Sunday, 19 September, 2010

Bought Additional Storage Gadgets

I was out of storage gadget to store recovered files from the recovering software. Around 3:30PM I was at Wangsa Walk, Wangsa Maju to look for additional storage devices. I asked for the largest drive available. It is 2.5 TB and cost near to RM 700. The 1.5 TB cost me RM 310. I also have chosen 2 Thumb Drives. All 3 items cost me total of RM 397. If not mistaken, for the same amount, 2 year back I just managed to buy a 500+ GB hard drive but today I can get  a 1.5 TB drive (plus 2 Thumb Drives)?  That really a good bargain!

The TB word on the Hard Drive stands for Terabytes. It is the number that comes after Gigabyte. Gigabyte equals billions. So terabyte is the number greater than billions. With such huge capacity drive to store data, I wonder what will happen if the drive crashed? Can I really depend on the hard drive to store importance data? I don’t know about it. But I can imagine, if it goes dead one day…. someone out there (the unlucky one) …. it can be you or me….. Question will definitely lost huge amount of data.


Friday, 17 September, 2010

Priceless Picture Recovered From The Drive

I have back up the recovered files to another Hard Disc but not all 100% as the backup drive cannot support the large amount of GB files. It have hanged during the transfer and I need to re-started the computer again. All those search result are gone and I need to re-scan their entire Hard Drive again. Another 36 hours? Yawn Sleepy  My goodness Question Well what to do? That was a priceless mistake that lead to this disaster but I am glad as I able to recovered this [priceless] picture! The 1 and only 1.

I need to re-started the scanning process again, no eye see. At night, 8.00PM I will attend Likemind (Malaysia) gathering at Bangsar South Old Town White Coffee. Those are interested are welcome to join us. Participate in this event is free but the foods you need to pay on your own. Laugh Yes


36 Plus Hours To Scan 500+GB Hard Drive

The computer recover software have finished scanning the Hard Drive and it took 36+ hours to do the job. I recovered 15683 jpeg files, some have been corrupted and the problem now I don’t know which html files it belong to and I don’t know when the pictures was taken. All information (date and time) are gone. So how can I recalled when was the events? Question Cry

The other files recover are: (I don’t know how many will still in good condition?)

[210 Asf-Wmv-Wma] [398 Avi] [73 Bmp] [423 Cab] [6 Eps] [27 Excel] [819 Flash] [23 Generic Email] [16527 Gif] [6 Gzip] [8 Help] [3932 Html] [64246 Jpeg Digital Camera] [9767 MP3] [734 Mpeg] [31499 Other Deleted Files] [1559 PDF] [1405 Png] [13 Portable Graphics Map] [102 Power Point] [33 RealAudio] [6 Rtf] [61293 Text] [17 Turbo Tax] [2134 Unknown OLE] [43 Wave] [80 Word] [310 Zip files]


Thursday, 16 September, 2010

The Scanning Not Yet Complete

At 1:00PM, it have took up 22 hours and 28 minutes to scan 60% of the 500 + GB external hard disc and the process still ON! I hope it don’t kill the drive (ie overheated or getting hang due non stop scanning) A lot of counters have showed increase of files that will be able to recover. Now it showed I have 1100 video clips and 16,000 pictures. It should be a great news for me but I am not happy yet as I still cannot recover  any of it. The scanning is ON!

Like I mentioned above, I hope the Hard Disc will be still OK by the time when the recovering software have finished scanning it. YES! It can’t be denied that latest technology have been able to develop a Hard Disc (Hard Drive) that is compact and much larger storage space but once it have problem (ie crash, lost of files etc) we need to go through a miserable recovering process. Time wasted to get the whole drive to be scanned and time wasted to wait for it process to recover the files. Frown


The Software Still Trying To Recover My Files

It almost 11 hours now, the recover software still trying to recover those pictures and video clips I have “wipe” of my external hard drive not purposely yesterday night. I don’t know how much time it needed to scan all 500 + GB external drive. At this moment it just managed to scan somewhere 270 ++ GB.

The counters have shown that it managed to scan 12, 370 ++ pictures and 600 ++ movie clips I have taken at various functions and events. If it can be scan that mean there is a chance to get it recover.  Smile Wow! I never know I have so much pictures and video clips on the hard drive. There are more to go. All these are  my work since 2007!

If all these gone and cannot recover, I don’t know if I want to cry or what.  If really can’t recover, all those time and effort I have put in to get these pictures and video clips will be wasted but luckily I have done some backup to CD and other hard drives last month but not 100% complete. If finally cannot recover, then I will lost the work from 13th August, 2010 onwards. Frown

Hopefully the software can create a miracle and the quality of pictures and videos will be maintain. I guessed should be no problem as it still able to scan the present of the pictures and videos. What important is, by the time I knew I have wiped out my entire external hard drive, I did not add any new data to this drive. Logically speaking most data may not have been overwrite so it should be there.

The problem might be on html files as most links to it documents might have gone. Frown


Monday, 13 July, 2009

Backing Up Hard Drive

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I spent the whole day burned important data to CD. Though many not yet finish back up, I have learned my lesson well after one of my 320 Gigabytes Seagate Hard Disc (full with data) decided to follow Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. Death! Retired for the rest of it life! Initially the drive have gave me warning signal but I took thing for granted. I ignored it. Just because of my own ignorance, the final result I have is I lost the entire drive of data. No more sound, no more spinning, nothing!

The death of the drive was believed to be caused by overheated as I on it 24 hours a day downloading from internet. The first warning I noticed from this drive is that sometime can be read, sometime not. First I thought of the USB connection not working properly but never knew that it is a signal that this drive “is sick” until it is too late.

So to everyone out there, never trust you hard drive 100% as there will a day it will betray you! Back up now! You may said burned your data to a piece of plastic (CD) also an idiot move! Yeah true! CD data also may not be able to recover if it is broken, scratched or worse you lost the CD.

But one thing for sure, you will still have it when your hard drive failed on you. It better than you have nothing at all.

If you scare one CD will fail on you, how about back up a few more copies of the same important data? What do you think?


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