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Sunday, 16 January, 2011

Cititel Hotel – Most Expensive Parking In Malaysia!

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Today I have found out the most expensive parking place in Kuala Lumpur (or maybe the only one in Malaysia!) is Cititel Hotel Parking!

Can you imagine that 4 Hours Plus (2:15PM – 7:05PM cost me RM 20!

Wow! The management seem like robbing people in the daylight legally. Why not? It is their parking space and they have every right to charge whatever amount they like but don’t you all out there feel that will be extra too much?

With the same amount I can parked in MidValley Mega Mall during weekdays for 20 times and on weekend for about 6 times!

A note of reminder to those who may not aware about this. The next time you find MidValley parking is full, don’t ever think to park in Cititel Hotel if you intend to stay for long hour unless you don’t mind your big tooth being pulled out like what I have encountered.

Like it or not I need to pay in order to get my car out from the car park. After this unwelcome incident, this will be my 1st time parked in here and it will be the last one as well.


Friday, 14 January, 2011

Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound – FHM Party

6:00PM I am on the way to Euphoria from MRR2 – Hulu Kelang to Kepong but when reaching Gombak area, there are huge traffic jams ahead and leaving me no choice I need to take Duke Highway heading to Jalan Kuching => Jalan Duta => Jalan Damansara => Jalan University. Since everyone is leaving the work place at the moment going back home, every ways also jammed up. First I though off using the Sea Park way heading to Kelana Jaya to escape the jam at LDP but it getting worse when I turned into an area that took longer time to move. I was jammed up there till 7:20PM before I managed to go to Federal Highway and it is surprising that the way to Sunway Hotel was rather smooth with less traffic.

I parked the car at Hotel Sunway and walked to Euphoria for the FHM 2011 The Girl Next Door Final Party. I have passed by this building so many times before yet, tonight is the 1st time I will be in there to witness the event for live. Yes

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera


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