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Monday, 16 March, 2009

Visiting Dentist

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Just to get my teeth fix by the dentist, I walked in a dental clinic in Seremban at 3:00PM. Wow! So many people there! When you see these people you will think, this is what you called “Economic Slowdown?” Or the dental business did not affected? Maybe yes, if consider these facts.

  1. Out of a sudden, you have a toothache, you can’t wait until economic getting better then only you go to visit the dentist. (That will be years from today!) I believed that everyone that have a toothache will want to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. You can’t wait even a minutes due to the unbearable pain.
  2. You have made false teeth but it did not fit into your jaws properly, don’t tell me that you will wait until good time only then you inform the dentist it is not fit. If you did this, meaning you no need to eat any solid food during this time. Smile
  3. A braces need to fit on your teeth to correct teeth problems.
  4. Due to some emergency or an accident, minor surgery need to be done.
  5. Your career that required you to have nice cleaning white teeth and you need the dentist to do the cleaning and whitening for you.

No matter whatever the reasons, it may seem that the dental business will be around and won’t be badly hit by the slow down. Like it or not, you still need to give your money for the dentist Wink

I need to wait up to 5.25PM just before my turn. As I sat on the dental chair, drilling sound from the opposite room made me nervous. The sound made my jaws feel like just have taken a piece of sour lemon! Frown I felt my legs “weaken” by the effect. When the dentist finally attended to me, he asked me what is my problem. I said that a small piece of my teeth have been broken while chewing some solid food 2 weeks ago and now don’t know if it can be fix. The dentist said, “It depend. If that broken chirp have hurt the teeth nerve and feel pain, then it will be difficult. If no pain, then it can be fix”, but anyhow he need to put in some medicine there to see if it pain or not for this two weeks. If the medicine cause pain then it will difficult to save this teeth.

Before he is able to put in the medicine filling, he need to drill a ‘bigger’ hole. This procedure most of the time can cause tears out my eyes but luckily today not so bad. I don’t feel much pain. He asked me to come back again next 2 weeks to see what can be done. At the reception counter I fixed an appointment on 30/03/2009 (2:00PM) The medicine filling cost me RM 35


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