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Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

Time To Pick Up The Flowers!

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I woke up at 10:30AM today and before getting ready, I have been online a while till 11:30AM. Later I drove all the way from Wangsa Maju to Damansara Utama (about 32 KM) to pick up the flowers I have been ordered!  When I reached there, I called up the number that was given to me yesterday night by Ellie Han’s business associate. The guy opened the door for me and hand me the flowers. I made the payment and drove to Bukit Bintang. (That was about 21KM from Damansara Utama. The total of 53KM! [32KM + 21KM] Wa lau eh… What am I doing? Siaw ah? Gila kah? Crazy meh? An idiot doing stupid thing? Travel 53KM just to pick up the flowers and do the delivery?  By this distances I can even reach Seremban liow! Only a stupid fool did this kind of thing right? I also guessed so… I am a fool that moment)

On the way many things have came to my mind.

  • What if Caroline not there today? What should I do with the flowers? Leave it there or take it back?
  • If she is there, what if she went out for lunch ? How long will I need to wait for her then? 1 hours?
  • What her reaction will be? I last met her was October 2008. Since then, many things have changed, many things have became complicated. This is also a reason why I need to think over before I ordered this flowers. It is not because of the RM 72 that I need to think about.
  • What she will say then?
  • Does she really welcome to see me?
  • Or this will be my 1st birthday present or even the last for her? I don’t know……

No matter what if want to “die” then “die” lah. I only know what will happen next after she received the flowers. Without I realised, finally I reached the car park of her working place. After parked the car, I walked to her office. What will happen next?


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