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Friday, 12 February, 2010

Caroline Sent Me This

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There is a vibration on my pant’s pocket. I knew an email have arrived on my Blackberry mobile phone. I felt this vibration as I have set my phone to the vibration mode. It will be vibrated each time there are emails arriving. As I checked through the email I notice a name that is familiar to me. Caroline Fong Yen Chin! Wait a minute! Do I see it wrongly? I double checked again. Nope! I did not see it wrongly but a bit surprise. She sent this?

Then as I read… I noticed this

My favorite Love Quote at all times.

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him,
who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep…
wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats,
who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’ re just as pretty without makeup on.
One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU…
The one who turns to his friends and says, that’s her… ”

Enjoy your Valentines and be true to your loved one… Happy Valentine everyone…

Caroline Shakira Fong

This poem sounded familiar to me. I remembered that I have posted in my blogs before. If given me a choice, I want to be the boy that will kiss on her forehead, who will hold her in front of my friends,  who still think that she is pretty without make up on and finally who turns to my friends and says “That’s her…” but this cannot happen because she don’t choose me as the boy.

When I scroll up to the “To:” row, I found out a lot other email addresses. She ‘bulk emailing’ these to all her contacts just to promote the valentine dinner at the place she worked. On my phone I saw some attachments and when I opened it, I saw these.

Then I came to know from her facebook that she designed and chosen these menu herself. If I have a choice I want to treat her these dinner….. but who am I for her. I never ever be her knight or prince charming. Life go on for me and I remained single every time when Valentine Day came.


Friday, 26 June, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary Tina 方彦婷 (26-06-2008 => 26-06-2009)

Mei Fen, Tina Fong & Adeline

Left To Right: Daphne Chan Mei Fen, Tina Fong, Melissa Ann Tan & Rehka Pathmalingam

Miss Malaysia Universe 2006

The moment I knew Caroline,
I have known that you are her sister,
Never ever I dream or have known that,
We will be became friend,
Not until the 1st SMS I received from you.
Words can never say the feeling that moment,

I wondered who this “Tina” will be?
Inner feeling told me that it might be you,
Yet doubt arise and I said,

“How could it be?”
I remembered I never give you the number.
Is it from Caroline?
It should be, as Caroline do have my number.
Just to find out that it is you,
Prompted me to asked,
“Are you Tina Fong?”

Your replied was “Yes!”
That word was more than enough,
For keeping me smiling the whole day!

I thought I have the chance to meet you,
At that place you have directed me to go,
Reaching there, I saw you nowhere,
Rather disappointed at first but I stayed till the end.

Day goes by,
Finally the event organizer choose me,
To be in the team.
Excitedly I called you about the news,
You said you are at Genting.

During the event day “Switch To Digi”,
Deep inside me, I still hoping meeting you,
Though not so confident.

When finally met you early in the morning,
From your lips, you asked,
“Are you Stephen? I am Tina!”
Made my dream came through,

That how we met for the 1st time!

Happy 1st Anniversary Of Our Friendship!


Tuesday, 21 April, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday! Caroline

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Flowers For Caroline Flowers For Caroline

Flowers For CarolineAs I walked toward her working place I have been thinking, What will her reaction when she see me? Or she is not around, out for lunch? I don’t know… just see first. When I reached the main entrance, she is there with one of her colleague. Alright she have cut her hair short and rather look cute but she no longer showed this kind of reaction. She looked at me as seem like asking “What I doing here?” She only smile back when I first smile, the smile on her face not so natural. As I walked closer with the flowers on my hands I blurted out “Happy Belated Birthday!” but the voice just not coming out. It like getting stuck depth down in my throat. I repeated the words again and handed her the flowers. She took it and looked at it.

I said that I should bring this on Sunday (19th April) but just because she is off, I decided to bring over today. When looking at the flowers she said, “Ok! That fine. It nice! Thank you! I need to go down stair  to meet my boss now.” She seem like want to cut short the conversation. (Maybe she really need to see her boss) I tried to delay her. I asked, “How life?” (I last met her was on October 2008)

She said she is fine. She will stop working here by end of this month and will start a new job next month. She then asked me if I parked my car around this area. I said yes and then she said that will be very expensive. I said, “About average, it might be around RM 5.” She looked at the flowers again and she said,”You don’t have to do this anymore!” The telephone ringing and she said her boss is calling her now. That words… are more than enough to bring my mood down to the lowest. That messages sound loud and clear in my ears!

Now that she have said it, I am disappointed, discouraged and my ‘glass’ heart broken into pieces. I forced myself to give her a smile and said “See You” (Will this will be the last words I say to her? I don’t know. But it seem like…. at the moment, as I don’t have any other good reason to meet her again. Though she have informed me that she will start a new job next month, she did not even tell me where I can find her. Maybe she don’t even want to tell) She took the flowers with her, rushing to listen to the phone. Our conversation not even last 2 minutes!


Time To Pick Up The Flowers!

I woke up at 10:30AM today and before getting ready, I have been online a while till 11:30AM. Later I drove all the way from Wangsa Maju to Damansara Utama (about 32 KM) to pick up the flowers I have been ordered!  When I reached there, I called up the number that was given to me yesterday night by Ellie Han’s business associate. The guy opened the door for me and hand me the flowers. I made the payment and drove to Bukit Bintang. (That was about 21KM from Damansara Utama. The total of 53KM! [32KM + 21KM] Wa lau eh… What am I doing? Siaw ah? Gila kah? Crazy meh? An idiot doing stupid thing? Travel 53KM just to pick up the flowers and do the delivery?  By this distances I can even reach Seremban liow! Only a stupid fool did this kind of thing right? I also guessed so… I am a fool that moment)

On the way many things have came to my mind.

  • What if Caroline not there today? What should I do with the flowers? Leave it there or take it back?
  • If she is there, what if she went out for lunch ? How long will I need to wait for her then? 1 hours?
  • What her reaction will be? I last met her was October 2008. Since then, many things have changed, many things have became complicated. This is also a reason why I need to think over before I ordered this flowers. It is not because of the RM 72 that I need to think about.
  • What she will say then?
  • Does she really welcome to see me?
  • Or this will be my 1st birthday present or even the last for her? I don’t know……

No matter what if want to “die” then “die” lah. I only know what will happen next after she received the flowers. Without I realised, finally I reached the car park of her working place. After parked the car, I walked to her office. What will happen next?


Monday, 20 April, 2009

Flowers Order Confirmation With Ellie Han

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Finally I made up my mind to go ahead with the decision. That is to get the flowers for Caroline. Around 7:07PM I called Ellie Han to confirm my order and asked her to prepare it so that I can take it from the shop tomorrow but she cannot be reached. The connection activate her mobile phone voice box and I left her my messages.

Love YouMy message to her is “Ellie, I am Stephen. I have been at your florist shop yesterday. Now I want you to get it ready the package “Love You” The one with 12 red roses at the price of RM 60. I need you to add me a doll in that package. I will come over to collect it tomorrow. Any further questions, please call me back!

After hanged up I went through her name card and it stated there “Tuesday OFF” Damn how I going to take that flowers if the shop close on Tuesday?

7:46PM I received a call from a lady and she said she is from the florist shop. She called me about the order I have placed. Well, it is not Ellie Han but it is her business partner. She told me that they may not have the red roses at the moment as it need to order in advance. What they have now is pink roses and it may not enough to 12 roses. She asked me if I mind if she mixed with other flowers.  I said it doesn’t matter, as long it look nice. I aslo told her that I need a doll on it and then i asked if with the doll how much. She told me that it is about RM 72. I gave her the green light and before I hang up, I asked about the “Tuesday OFF” If they will closed tomorrow, how I going to take the flowers?

She gave me a guy phone number and asked me to call him when I come over the shop tomorrow. She said he will be around tomorrow. She asked me what time I will drop by. I said after 12:00PM and hanged up.


Sunday, 19 April, 2009

Flowers For Caroline?

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I woke up at 12:00PM and have been thinking a while, what kind of present I want to give to Caroline. Flowers? OK… If flowers then I should meet up with Ellie Han afterward. Ellie is Marketing Manager of the florist (that actually opened for business on Sunday) Experience have told me that it is not easy to find a florist that open for business on Sunday, so Ellie Han florist shop is the best choice for me.

I drove from Wangsa Maju to Damansara Utama to meet Ellie at her florist shop and told her that I want to buy some flowers but with 1 condition, that is she need to call Caroline at her office to see if she is working today or she is off. The reason I ask Ellie to call is because I don’t want Caroline to know that it is me who calling as I want to give her a surprise visit with the flowers!

I told Ellie that there is no point to buy the flowers today if Caroline is off day and she happily help me to make that call. Well…. Caroline is off today and she will be off on Monday too! She will be back to work again on Tuesday. So no surprise present for her today as I can’t deliver it to her office. Ellie suggested I deliver it to her on Tuesday. I asked Ellie (as a lady herself) what a lady will think if she receive a belated birthday present? Ellie said since Caroline is taking off from work for 2 days which mean she really go to celebrate her birthday. When she come back she will still have the happy mood and there is no reason not happy to receive any present.

Fairy GardenAs I have not yet make up my mind, I told Ellie that I will call her if I need anything. She hand me a booklet and I left the place. Anyway, I like to thank Ellie for that. A very simple call yet Ellie have gave her best service & advised.


Caroline’s Birthday

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As the time shown 12:01AM in the morning, it is 19th April now and this day is Caroline birthday! I logged in my email account to send her 2 links to wish her “Happy Birthday!” [Link1] [Link2]


19042009 For Caroline! Happy Birthday!

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Birthday Cake

Click On The Cake For The Birthday Songs

I like to take this opportunity to wish you Happy Birthday! May your year ahead fulfill your dreams & wishes.

Happy Birthday Caroline

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