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Friday, 2 January, 2009

Sending My Car For Servicing

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3:50PM went to Maybank, Taman Melawati to make payment for my AEON credit card. Just because yesterday was New Year day and a public holiday, today the bank was packed with people even though it is almost closing time. I have to wait till 4:30PM before it is my turn.

After the bank in transaction, I went for a meal then drove my car to a nearby Proton Authorised Service Centre for 75,000 KM servicing. As the mechanic worked, I took some pictures.

My Car My Car Service

Later when it is done, my car sent to the lube service nearby. I took some pictures too while waiting for them to wash up my car. There have been long time I never send the car to wash. Reason is…. normally I parked the car under some trees at the open car park and it will be full of tree leaves, birds shit, tree juice all over even have washed it within days. So no point to wash, but since today car servicing including free lube service… just let the workers washed loh. Smile

Lube Service

Car wash

Better look after wash right? 4 years old car but still look like a new one right? Ha! Ha! This is a view from far but looked at it closely you will see the body full with key scratches by unresponsible people! When they walked pass, they just hold their keys on their hand and just scratched it all the way in straight line. No civic minded at all. Not only that… it also full with tainted mark done by people who opened the door when they parked closer. They not only opened gently but just slammed it on your car thinking that none of their business just because the car they slammed onto is not their car.

First when the car still very new, I am so frustrated and “sakit hati” (heart pain) seeing all the marks and scratches but after sometime now no eyes see. The is the risk when you drove you car out. If you don’t want to see these then keep at home for displayed. Ha! Ha!


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