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Sunday, 28 November, 2010

YES – Seremban 2 – 2 To 3 Bars

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I was at Seremban 2 Garden Homes today and have tested the YES 4G there and it shown of signal of 2-3 out of 5 bars. It seem that here are better coverage than Wangsa Maju, Seksyen 2 area. When I back to Kuala Lumpur, it is time to make a decision. One of these two need to be terminated. Which one? DIGI or MAXIS? Or BOTH?


Monday, 31 May, 2010

Termination Of Celcom Broadband

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After lunch I was at Celcom Jalan Pahang Barat to terminate the service of it broadband. No point to continue to pay RM 98 when Digi & Maxis can give me the better service with much cheaper rate. RM 88 for Digi and RM 48 for Maxis Broadband. Will I subscribe back Celcom Broadband? Maybe… if it service getting better and much cheaper.

So these telco companies really need to improve their service and offer cheaper rate rather than wasting monies in fighting for advertising space on billboard along major roads and highways. What the point to have all the billboard ads at places where people can see, yet their services getting from bad to worse?

Take P1 Wimax for example, it can’t even have access in the place I stayed now. What a shame!


Friday, 28 May, 2010

Maxis Broadband

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4:25PM I was at Alpha Angle JUSCO’s Maxis Shop to apply for the Wireless USB Broadband Modem. RM 48 for 1.5 GB limit to downloading data. When I registered this modem, it is under promotion package and it will end on 31st May, 2010 After promotion period, users will no longer able to get this cheap modem* (Terms – must pay upfront RM 150 in advanced and this money will be rebated back on next coming bills.)

Since today is Wesak day and it is a holiday, I wonder if I can have any activation, so I asked the staff. He said it can be done at 10 minutes! Wow! That fast!

I remembered a few years back, if you want to get any activation from any telco companies, it will take hours or even day to do it. This definitely an improvement of service! Smile

I decided to apply for this package as I found that Celcom service is very bad at the place I stayed right now. Before this I have filed up a complain to Celcom but they did nothing much to solve my problem.

Before the complain, I was able to log in but when surfing any web sites, it will downloading very fast at beginning then it suddenly stopped halfway. Death just that! The same thing happened when I refreshing the page, sometime I just can’t even refresh it. Damn frustrated!

So what happen after filling in the complain? Well… now I have difficulty to log in. So no more complain, as I going to terminate Celcom Broadband service on coming Monday. I guessed that the best thing to do.


Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

DIGI Called For Stupid Survey

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12:59PM A staff from DIGI called to ask me for simple survey. He said that I have subscribed to DIGI broadband service before and also have terminated it. He just want to know why I terminated it. The answer is simple. You can’t provide the better service of what your competitors (Maxis, Celcom or Umobile) can provide! Sure you will loose customer.

What I believe is if you are in the marketing department, you should have known the answer already. No need to call up customer to asked them “Why you terminated the services ?” Well… I think to get competitors brochures is not that difficult right? Take their brochures backand sit down to study each of their services and compare the one provided by your company.

Nowadays if want to talk about wireless broadband, speed is important then followed by areas of coverage and lastly competitive rates. If your speed still some where 236 KBps (GRPS or The Edge) and your competitior already 1.8 Mbps, 3.6 Mbps (3G, HSDPA, UTMS or 4G) or more then you are still the loser. If you don’t know this, the company shouldn’t pay you the wages. It should pay to me…. by right because I gave the answers. Ha! Ha! But why no company pay me?

Since talked about broadband here, I have some history to share. The first broadband service I have subscribed to was TM streamyx (1 Mbps) when I was staying at Taman Melawati.  When I shifted to Taman Melati I need to terminate this service as the streamyx was not available there at that moment.  So it force me to go back to crawling like turtle by using normal dial-up. No only damn slow but also generate RM 200 to RM 250 monthly phone bill for me.

This last for several months until Celcom launched it 3G Wireless Broadband in Klang Valley. This is a good news for me as I can get the broadband feeling back! But the bad news is I need to take out another RM 1500 to buy the modem. Auuuch! It definitely pulling out a big tooth but what to do? This is the only alternative choice I have.

I tested it out in Taman Melati and it is surely faster than stremyx (1.8 Mbps) HSDPA but nightmare came again when I need to shift to Wangsa Maju. The speed drop tremendously. Sometime HSDPA to the EDGE. Don’t know why. When I made complain, Celcom also don’t know the reason.

When I tested it in Malacca, it is fast (HSDPA) but it getting worse when tested it in Seremban (GPRS to EDGE) and you don’t even notice the HSDPA sign. When paying the bill I asked Celcom again. Why certain areas in Klang Valley is fast and so slow in Seremban. The staff told me that when Celcom launcing the 3G it is targeting to start at 3 areas. That is Johor Bharu, Malacca and Klang Valey. No wonder Seremban so slow as it not yet in their list.

Then one day I received an SMS from Celcom said that they are going to upgrade their network and I will be facing some interruption. Yes it began! This is where the hell break loose! For almost 1 month I can’t even online. Logging in…. broken and then totally not able to log in. What the heck!

This period I spent most of the time either in Bangi Kopitiam or Starbuck and it also increased my expenses. Everytime there, need to order something to drink or eat then only you can used their electrical socket and this Celcom Broadband bill also need to pay even you did not use it. Too much coffee also made me “High high, dizzy, dizzy” Frown

Leaving me no choice I consider DIGI or Maxis that moment. And it just a coincidence that DIGI opened a new service center in Taman Melawati. The nearest to my place. So I walked the shop to enquire and told the staff there about my problem with Celcom. The staff said I can borrow one of their SIM Card back to try but I need to buy another mobile phone that support the broadband. In order to try to save money I have asked them to test it on my Celcom modem to see if it is compatible. The laptop can detect but it hang half way so it leave me no choice, like it or not need to fish out another RM 400++ to buy the mobile phone.

When back home I try and it can work but rather slower than Celcom. You cannot watch Youtube but better than cannot online at all.


Thursday, 19 October, 2006

Boring At Home? This Is The Time You Throw Out Your Astro :)

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If you are using broadband then you should check this out. Look at what I have found? Global Internet TV Channels? Wow! If you call this boring, then you are not a human being at all. If you still crawling the net like a turtle then this is a bad news for you. Quickly check with TM Point if they provide streamyx service in your area or not. If yes, subscribe now and come back to watch the channel you like.


Wednesday, 26 July, 2006

Until When Should I Wait For The Streamyx Service?

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According to the reseller, that area (Taman Melati) already have streamyx services, but until now my DSL signal on the modem still blinking.


Friday, 14 July, 2006

What Have I Done Today?

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Went to Starbuck Cafe to make use it broadband facilities at Alpha Angle, Wangsa Maju. My area don’t have streamyx broadband. Telekom (TM) is suck! Can’t even provide the service there. (Taman Melati)


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