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Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

StephenBlogs4u2u Server Finally Back Working

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When I came back from supper, the first thing I did was to switch on my notebook and goes online to check if my blogs sever have come back in action. Yeah! It did! Yahoo! Now I can continue blogging after several hours of unable to login. My hosting company indeed keeps it words.


Thursday, 28 August, 2008

Calling Today Another Day?

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Wake up around 10:15AM, watched Parliament Live Telecast till 11.00AM. At the same time do some blogging. Then watched Malay news on 11:00AM (RTM 1) & Mandarin news on 12:00PM (RTM 2) and then continue to watch Thai series of “Chocolate Love”

3:00PM have some lunch at the nearby Mamak’s restaurant. Back home continues with my blogs and do some laundry before taking bath and go for work at Taman Dagang. After work, went to nearby Mamak’s Restaurant again, read Utusan Malaysia, then The Stars till 11:50PM Back home watched news again,  facebooking and blogging.


Sunday, 17 August, 2008

Now In Seremban

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Reached Seremban home around 12.25am. Take bath and having supper prepared by mum. Now online to play facebook and blogging. There are 480++ applications send by friends for me to add and confirm.


Monday, 14 July, 2008

Today No Work, Whole Day Blogging

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Today is Monday. Normally I am not working on Monday. I will in KL if not going back to Seremban. If I happened to be in Seremban I will back to KL on Tuesday evening. Woke up at 10.10 AM Switch on the TV and watched Parliament Live Telecast till 11.00 AM Blogging at the same time while watching TV.

12.14PM SMS to Caroline to see if she have any plan after work. Since I am not working today, maybe can go for movie or yam cha? If cannot I will stay at home updating the blogs.

2.30PM wanted to go out for lunch but it started to rain. When raining it is very troublesome when your car is in the open park. Decided to wait and continue updating my blogs. The rain then stopped at 4.00PM Goes to the nearest mamak restaurant to have simple lunch. A packet of Nasi Lemak, a glass of tea and some beans.

8.00PM Watching news while blogging.

8:20PM Caroline replied my SMS said that she is sorry for replying me late. She was busy with work :) Tomorrow she need to work full shift so cannot go out for movie. She said maybe next time? :)

8:23PM Me replied back “OK. No problem.

10.00PM Watching chinese movies at TV3, did pay much attention to the movie title…. so don’t know what title loh. It is a martial art movie. Another series of “Wong Fei Hung”

11.00PM Drove out to nearby shop lots to have dinner plus supper at one of the Chinese restaurant. I ordered curry chicken rice and a cup of tea.

12.00AM Watching midnight news on TV3 followed by Chinese Series on TV2.

1.45AM Mum called me and we chat for a while.


Sunday, 13 July, 2008

Finally I Met Her!

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3.40PM Entering Car Park

3.50PM Called Caroline to inform her that I am at car park. She ask me to wait for her as she is having her lunch and will back soon. She said something like LG or LV… not hear properly, don’t know what she have said.

As soon I walk in… Wah! so high class ah this place…. with Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior etc I seem lost in that place and finally find my way to the reception floor. I checked through the floor plan and the PR woman saw me and walked closer to ask if I need any help. I also hesitate and seem like mumbling “Is there any place call LG here and she show me the lift to “Lower Ground” but when I was there…  some inner feeling told me that this may not the place and I goes back up by the lift.

4.05PM Call her to double check where her office was. She ask me if I saw Louis Vuitton, Dior and Boni… (what ever) and  spray or is it ? What spray? Frown I said I try to find. I saw the male PR and inquired him. He looked confused and me also don’t know what word come out from my mouth as I try to recall what she have told me. After said thanks… I walked around and finally I found it. I saw her waving at me from her office! I smiled back.

As I walked in she looked at me and said “You are looking better than the photo” I said “You too!” Ya she looked more sweet herself than the photo. I gave her a hand shake. This the 1st time we met after years of knowing each other online.

After a brief chat she told me that she will be off from work at 9.30pm and can see her then if I want. I told her OK and said I will be in  The Starbucks to do some blogging.


4.25PM I am in Starbucks, order a drink then doing the blogging. Left around 8.00PM and thought of drove my car out then re-enter in order to save the hourly charges. When I entered the car park I remembered that I have seen the board stated that every subsequent hours will be charge RM 2.50 and if enter after 6pm it will be RM 5.00 flat. Later when I reached the booth only then I noticed that on Saturday & Sunday… it is RM 5.00 per entry. If I have known this earlier I may have seated at The Starbuck till 9.30PM.

9.20PM She called me and asked where I am. I said I am still around in KL Plaza and will go to see her afterward.

9.25PM Went back to her office to meet her again and she asked me to wait. She told me she fell down this evening when climbing down (after putting up some handbags on the shelf) I advised her to be more careful next time.

I asked her where we can sit down to discuss… a place without music where we can talked easily  without the need to raise our voice. She asked me to followed her to a mamak restaurant. On the way to the car park she showed me her new car. She said I am the first (online friends) that actually see the car. She offer to drop me by my car.

While in her car, she started the engine, on some song, sat down relax and we have some chat. Then she drove me to my car then I followed her car from behind to the restaurant.

We ordered a cheese nan and some drinks. I took out the notebook…. online using my DIGI Bluetooth and show her my blogs site. Later she also checked her blogs and busy seeking her passwords to certain web sites. She afraid she have forgot it. I advised her to write it on notebook instead letting the computer to remember it and it is quite risky. Once the cookies is deleted….. everything will be gone.

When I want to go the washroom I hang my internet phone around her neck. If I bring it along, then she may not able to online.

She asked me how long we have known each other? I said many years back. If not mistaken maybe in 2006 (at RankStudio) We then left the place.

11.39PM I SMS her when reached home. “ Dear, me reach home liow. Nice to meet you. Sleep well. Miss you

11.41PM Her replied SMS to me “ Smile good night and sweet dream too


Sunday, 6 July, 2008

Finally I Able To Login!

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From afternoon till now I have to search for all information on how to reset my login password. It is really frustrated thing to do until I finally found the information that really help and YAHOO! Now I am able to blog again.


Thursday, 3 July, 2008

Coming Soon!

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Latest news Smile Finally I got my own blog registered. will be available soon. Just have some technical problem with the registration. I have informed the technical support of the web hosting and promised to solve the problem. I will be in their office tomorrow to solve the issue and made payment to them. Smile


Monday, 28 August, 2006

Comment On Shakira’s Blog “My Photo Top 20 Ranking!”

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As I browse around RankStudio website, I checked on Shakira blogs and then leave a comment.

Comment On Shakira’s blog at Rankstudio

A photo worth a thousand words right? That right!

P/S I like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my blogpages and did gave some good comments. I began to like you … Muaaah ! Posted 28-Aug-2006 at 2:12 AM by step0192122350

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