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Monday, 13 July, 2009

Backing Up Hard Drive

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I spent the whole day burned important data to CD. Though many not yet finish back up, I have learned my lesson well after one of my 320 Gigabytes Seagate Hard Disc (full with data) decided to follow Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett. Death! Retired for the rest of it life! Initially the drive have gave me warning signal but I took thing for granted. I ignored it. Just because of my own ignorance, the final result I have is I lost the entire drive of data. No more sound, no more spinning, nothing!

The death of the drive was believed to be caused by overheated as I on it 24 hours a day downloading from internet. The first warning I noticed from this drive is that sometime can be read, sometime not. First I thought of the USB connection not working properly but never knew that it is a signal that this drive “is sick” until it is too late.

So to everyone out there, never trust you hard drive 100% as there will a day it will betray you! Back up now! You may said burned your data to a piece of plastic (CD) also an idiot move! Yeah true! CD data also may not be able to recover if it is broken, scratched or worse you lost the CD.

But one thing for sure, you will still have it when your hard drive failed on you. It better than you have nothing at all.

If you scare one CD will fail on you, how about back up a few more copies of the same important data? What do you think?


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