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Sunday, 5 October, 2008

Back To Kuala Lumpur Today

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After taken lunch cooked by mum I left Seremban and haeding to Kuala Lumpur around 4:15PM. On the way it started to jam. Accident? At last, I finally found out the cause of the jammed. Policemen stopping cars that using the emergency lane and those not being caught slow down to take a look. This the attitude and habbit of Malaysian drivers. Everything also their business. A few drivers slowed down for 2 to 3 seconds to look “what happened?” enough to cause traffic jammed stretch out to 2 – 5 km! Why they so busy body one? Wasting people’s time and petrol only. Damn!

After the unnecessary jammed… what next? Heavy rain loh! So need to drive carefully as the road was wet and slippery.

When reaching the Pandan Indah area I was caught in a minor jammed for a while. That area always unpredictable. Sometime smooth but most of the times jammed even on Sunday like today!

Later I stopped at Menara Great Eastern at Jalan Ampang to make payment for my OCBC credit card before heading to Wangsa Maju. Reached there around 18:00PM


Friday, 21 July, 2006

Pile-up Accidents At Jalan Mahameru

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While traveling back from Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya, I have saw a pile-up accidents among 4 cars at the fast lane. At my opinion, we shouldn’t feel sorry for them. This should indeed a good lesson for those involved. Why?

This is because some Malaysian drivers used to drive fast in the fast lane and never keep their distance. Imagine, they can drove at the speed above 100kmph and in bumper to bumper? And the result … bang ..!! when the infront car applied emergency break. If they have keep their distance, this shouldn’t be happened as they have enough time to break.


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