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Saturday, 4 July, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary To

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free myspace comments4th July, 2008 is your birthday. After 1 year, I have managed to officially published 341 posts, 132 pages! 5 still in Drafts, 160 posts in private (Still pending) Hours, days and months have been put in to create the content of these blogs. Not to mention the numbers of sleepless night!

In a year, I have taken a lot of pictures & short video clips. Some of these I might never bother to take if I don’t have this blog. But after taken it, it is just the beginning of a nightmare! Why I said like that? Well, I have several hundreds (going to be 1 thousand or more) of unedited photos, 100 +  short video clips. All these taken up my hard disc places tremendously. Sometime due to laziness and no time to burn to CD, it put all these pictures and videos at risk as hard disc can be malfunction anytime any moment without warning.

Chances to loose it is there as I already have 2 malfunctions hard drives so far. Both contains movies, mp3 that I have downloaded from internet plus some important data are gone forever for sure by now.

I scared these pictures and videos for the blogs will be gone just like that one day. I started to burn some to CD recently. Though not yet back up all… it is better than never backup at all Wink Those movies, mp3 may be able to be downloaded again (or maybe not) but these blogs pictures and videos will be lost forever if I am not seriously in doing backup. Grin

Though I taken time to burn piece by piece to CD when I have time, indirectly it still will help me to recover some (though may not 100%) if hard disc malfunction.

I have another hard disc that still use sable but with some bad sector creeping in. When I have discovered that, this hard drive no longer used to store any data. Editing , re-sizing photos need damn hell of time. So do to the video clips. With the present speed on broadband in Malaysia, uploading the clips also need really sometime, even though it is just a few megabytes! That the challenges I may be facing while doing this blog. Well… anyhow with no regrets of course! I am happy and enjoying doing the blogging. Lastly, once again


P/S As I browse the  net today then only I knew that in the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July (4th of July) Wow! was registered on United States, Independence Day? Then today is really historic Anniversary for this domain name Wink


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