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Friday, 14 January, 2011

FHM Party – Amber Chia – Judge Of Girl Next Door Final

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All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera

With Supermodel Amber Chia, One Of The FHM Girl Next Door Party Final Judges


Amber Chia – FHM GND 2011 Panel Judges

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera


FHM GND 2011 Final Panel Judges

All the following pictures was captured by the Canon EOS 1000D SLR Camera

The judges are (from left) Carslberg Malaysia Senior Sales Manager David Gan, supermodel Amber Chia, FHM Malaysia editor Simon Burgess, Miss Malaysia International 2010 Chantelle Chuah and Red FM radio host Rudy.

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Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

Amber Chia’s Husband Is Her Manager

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Photo Courtesy By NST Online

Ok… the news is confirmed. Amber Chia have married her closest male friend, manager and business partner – Adrian Wong. If you are a gentleman that have heart on her before, now is the time for you to take back the heart and give to another woman. If you want to cry… better cry now… Ha! Ha! [Read more of the breaking news here]


Wednesday, 8 April, 2009

Boobs Cleavage Of Amber Chia Being Censored

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While blogging I am watching cooking program called “Table For Four” at TV2 where the guest for today show is Amber Chia and you can see her boobs cleavage (lurah longkang) being censored when she bent forward to do some cooking.

You will see this kind of censor most of the time at Malaysia TV especially those controls by BN government. You can’t see what you want to see. Ha! Ha! This is the reason I seldom watch these channel (TV1 and TV2) unless I want to watch the news and some Chinese movies that I have not seen.

Amber ChiaAmber Chia

Sorry Wink I did not manage to snap the pictures of her boobs being censored as when I am grabbing for the digital camera, the cooking session is already over and she have sat down by the table. These are the original pictures (uncensored) and the clothing she wore during this program. Based on her clothing the censored being apply as when she bent forward to do cooking, some boobs cleavage can been seen as the camera crew is standing in front of her. If you want to see, use your imagination lah Wink If you are good enough you can even see her naked in your mind.


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