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Tuesday, 23 November, 2010

YES It Is OK Now

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I was at Restoran Al-Hilmi (opposite Public & Hong Leong Bank, Taman Melawati) to have my meal while reading through some newspaper and came across this interesting title: Oh no! Hackers hit firm’s Yes portal

Is this the company strategy to divert public attention from their in-effective way to give proper services support? I don’t know as their marketing people known this better. Grin

After finished reading the article I decided to take out my netbook and run a signal test on YES Dongle just to see how strong the signal bar in this restaurant. It is 2 signal bar out of 5. For your information, customers visited this restaurant knew that here have it own free wi-fi service.

I decided to log in to see if I can surf other web sites and surprisingly it can. It seem like working fine now. May be the news is true that someone have hacked the YES portal and diverting me to reload page?


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