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Friday, 17 April, 2009

Makanan Untuk Lelaki

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I found this leaflet on my car windsreen. I will not tell the product name as they did not pay me for the advertising so no point to mention the products name here. Wink The leaflet said

Makanan Untuk Lelaki adalah produk buatan 100% ramuan tumbuhan yang tulen untuk membolehkan anda mengalami kesan yang 100% semulajadi tanpa sebarang kesan sampingan dan ketagihan.

  • Bekesan dalam MASA YANG SINGKAT
  • Meningkatkan KEYAKINAN KELAKIAN anda
  • Meningkatkan DAYA KAWALAN lelaki

Dikelaskan sebagai makanan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. * Wakil pengedar dikehendaki. PENGHANTARAN PERCUMA.

Nama Pengedar + No. Talipon Bimbit

Can be trusted or not? Sure can work ah? If after I taken, it work, where do I put IN? I don’t have girl friends, lovers or a wife to test it out, how effective is it Smile So what did I did to the ads? I kept the dealer phone number but put the ads in recycle bag to be sell to recycler.


Wednesday, 30 July, 2008

Someone SMS Me!

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I have received a SMS from a malay guy yesterday (29-07-2008) and I called him on 4.06PM today and asked him where he got my number. He said from my online ads regarding the home business. I said I have a lot of opportunities to share and asked him about his location so that I can meet him tomorrow to explain to him as it is quite difficult to explain from the phone. He said at Bandar Permaisuri, Cheras. Later I asked him what time he will be free. He said around 10.30AM and I said it is ok and I will meet him tomorrow then. I continued to blog after I hanged down the phone.

5.30pm I went to Taman Melawati to buy Toto as the accumulated Jackpot for Mega Jackpot 6/52 was more than RM 9 millions! Phew! Who don’t want the RM 9 millions? I never forget about my dream to be an instant Millionaire! Smile You may said, do you think it is easy to win? Well…. though I knew it is hard but if not buying that mean totally zero % leh! If I bought and the chance is 0.0000001% or less, I still have 0.0000001% loh! Ha! Ha! Well we can’t predict when our luck come right? So I “invested” RM 16 on it! (RM 3 for Super 6/49, RM 2 for 6/42 Jackpot, RM 5 for Mega 6/52 and RM 6 for 6D) Wish me good luck! Grin

7.45PM – Go to work loh. After the short “dream” still need to wake up to face reality loh. If not work, where got money to play Toto woh, where got money to pay other fixed expenses and how to survive woh?


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