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Sunday, 26 February, 2012

Lady Bang Bumper

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After dinner and it started to rain. As I drove along a side lane along Taman Melawati, I saw a Volvo car on my left is about to turn right at a junction and I stopped to let the car go first but the owner bang the side of the car on my front bumper.

The owner realised about it and wind down the windscreen. I can see from the front screen that it is an Indian lady. Damn! I have stopped to let her go first yet she carelessly bang the side of her Volvo onto me.

I  took the umbrella and went down to check for the damage. I told her that I already stopped to let her go first yet why bang on my car bumper? She said sorry. I asked her what she need to do then. She said she will pay me RM 50. I told her that not even enough to repair it and since it is raining I don’t want to negotiate anyway. I took the money and went back to my car.

Consider a bad luck day for me Frown True enough if want to repair, it can easily cost RM 200-300 or more just to get it fix and repaint. Since the car rather old (7 1/2 years) I think I going to leave it that way. Luckily it is not a new car, if yes no matter what I will make sure that she paid all for the repair cost.


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