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Sunday, 10 October, 2010

Live On Succeeding These Date

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I am not boasting or being proud to announce that I have succeeding living on these date which are [060666 (6th June 1966)] [070777 (7th July 1977)] [080888 (8th August 1988)] [090999 (9th September 1999] I definitely very sure that I am one of the many human that have succeeded in living at 2 centuries (the 20s and 21st) Other dates I survived through are [010101 (1st January 2001)] [020202 (2nd February 2002)] [030303 (3rd March 2003)] [040404 (4th April 2004)] [050505 (5th May 2005)] [060606 (6th June 2006)] [070707 (7th July 2007)] [080808 (8th August 2008)] [090909 (9th September 2009)] [101010 (10th October 2010)]


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